Ai Wei Wei’s “Grass Mud Horse Style”

When I was showed this video, I thought it is a parody of Ai Wei Wei, the Chinese dissident artist, dancing PSY’s Gangnam Style. It is not. It is indeed Ai Wei Wei himself dancing Gangnam Style, but in his irreverent and creative way. What a character!

The video is titled “Grass Mud Horse Style,” (草泥馬),which in Chinese is a vulgar slur, a sly insult Ai coined for mocking his country’s Internet censors . The video, uploaded 24 Oct, has been swiftly censored.

Ai told the media that in making the video, he wanted to give people some laughs in their face of dismal reality – he just learnt that the home of his friend’s family was being demolished to pave way for re-development, a constant happening in today’s China.

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