Chiu Chow Noodle Shop

I like going to Chiu Chow Noodle shops for noodle.

Chiu Chow is in the northern east corner of Guangdong province, whose cuisine is among the famous in China. Hong Kong has two types of Chiu Chow cuisine restaurants – one is restaurants specialized in Chiu Chow cuisine, the other is Chiu Chow fish ball and beef noodle shops.

at noodle shops, you pay a few Hong Kong dollar extra and get a side dish of vegetable

Although these noodle shops are most famous for their fish ball/beef noodles, I like their dumpling noodles. Chiu Chow dumplings are made of shrimp, mushroom and minced meat, and are for soup only.Wanchai has probably the largest number of establishments serving Chiu Chow noodles across the territory.

My favourite shop is this one: Chiu Hing Fishball Noodle(潮興魚蛋粉), at G/F, 78-84 Hennessy Road. You can also try its fishball noodle – it is famously delicious. The restaurant has English menu.

How to get there:
Chiu Hing Fishball Noodle is a noodle food chain. There are at least three of them on Hennessy Road near Wanchai MTR station. The above mentioned one is the one I like. Take Wanchai MTR station exit B2, turn left, pass the Southorn Playground, and cross Luard Road. The shop is right in front, facing Hennessy Road.

Quiet corner for coffee

You are looking for a quiet corner for coffee in Hong Kong? This would be the place: Wanchai. As one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong, the area is impossible for weekdays, except weekends.

I like coming here for coffee on a weekend. There are three coffee shops in a row here, facing the Gloucester Road. They are Caffe HABITU, Pacific Coffee and Starbucks, which represent the top three coffee-shop chains in the city, with the former two being a Hong Kong brand. Caffe HABITU is an Italian-themed coffee shop, offering also simple and light menu such as sandwich and pasta. Pacific Coffee has as many branches as Starbucks in Hong Kong, with ambitious plans to expand in the mainland.On weekends, the shops see few customers, especially in the morning. The last time I visited one of the shops, there was only one customer inside. It was 11am. All the three coffee-shops have big windows, allowing you to see the traffic and people flow while sipping your coffee.

How to get there
Address: 77-79 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Take exit A1 of Wanchai MTR station. Stepping out of the station, you see O’Brien Road extending from you towards the Gloucester Road. Walk along the very short O’Brien Road until you come to Gloucester Road, and turn left. The coffee shops are right there.

Indian food in Hong Kong

Chongqing Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui comes to mind when looking for Indian food in Hong Kong. Since I have fear of navigating the notorious confusion and touting at the entrance of the building, I have been wanting to find another place. And I have found this one – Palki Indian Restaurant, in Tin Hau.I recommend you go for lunch. The lunch set for weekdays is hk$42, and for weekends is hk$60, without service charge. The price is reasonable for the food quality and comfortable seating, albeit a bit cramped. The minus point is, the dish portion is a bit small.

How to get there:

Tin Hau MTR station; 5-minute walk from the station along the Electric Road, and taking right turn at Tsing Fung Street

Address: G/F, Fook Wah Mansion, 2 Tsing Fung Street
Tel: 2566 8411

Where and what to eat in Hong Kong

There is a very popular food website in Hong Kong called “openrice” and it is so popular that it has developed an English version lately. As the locals contribute to the website, the majority of the content is in Chinese with some comment occassionaly written in English. Despite this, through the English website, you can easily find out which restaurant is good and where it is and what the general review is. The search function by location and food type can help you a lot.

It would be a good guide for eating out in Hong Kong. Try it here.

Buffet choice

I don’t really like going to buffet. It is a wasteful act. Except for rare occasions of celebration. In Hong Kong, Yamm at the Mira Hotel is my top choice for buffet. It is sleek, with comfortable seating and a Japanese and Western menu. And most important, the food is of quality.Compared to five-star hotels, the price in Yamm is affordable. Its Mon-Sat lunch buffet is $208 per head plus service charge, and Sunday Brunch is $338 plus service charge. Sorry, I never like dinner buffet – eating so much before going to bed is sin, and, do we really need to have that much choice in food, and pay $600 for a dinner?

The Sunday Brunch in Yamm includes drink like champagne, fruit punch, margarita and orange and carrot juice, which I all like. Its cold dishes, dessert and seafood are also good.