Head of Hunan Province: it was undoubtedly suicide

The Communist Party Head of Hunan Province, Zhou Qiang, in meeting HK press, said yesterday that there is strong evidence and it is crystal clear that Li Wang Yang (李旺陽)killed himself. He said “Hunan is ruled by law, just as China is ruled by law”. “In Hunan, no one ever doubted about this. Li’s family members and his sister also indicated their acceptance of the conclusion of police investigation. “

Lie after lie. It can be told so unscrupulously and with such ease. Maybe he should also mention that Li’s sister Li Wang Ling (李旺玲)has been forced to disappear for dozens of days, and Li’s good friend Xiao Yong (肖勇)has been detained and put into labour camp for 18 months since the death of Li.

Dissident Li Wang Yang from Hunan Province was found dead in the hospital under suspicious circumstances after being interviewed by a HK journalist. The police and the official investigation just concluded said he killed himself.

Are you not angry if your government has sponsored national education material which says the ruling group in China is “selfless” and “progressive”?

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