Hidden Treasure: Hiking to Trio Beach

Hong Kong has scenic view like this:

It is like a corner of southern France.

To see the view, you will need to go this hidden treasure hiking route in Sai Kung. Another plus of this route is that  you will end up in a peaceful beach, with beautiful view of waters and mountain, and then you take a ferry back to the mainland. It is all very enjoyable. Good for a half-day outing.

How to get to the starting point:

Take mini bus No. 101 from Hang Hau MTR station. Before you reach Sai Kung, get off at the highway at this crossroads, with a sign pointing to “Lions Nature Education Centre”, and a side road called “Che Keng Tuk Road”. Or simply tell the bus driver to drop you off at the Hiram’s Highway (西貢公路) nearest to Lions Nature Education Centre.

the crossroads leading to Lions Nature Education Centre

Follow the Che Keng Tuk Road and walk past the Lions Nature Education Centre to the waters. You will see at the right scenic view like this: The Yacht Club lies at your right hand side. Don’t go there, but go straight past the houses at the left. You will find a path flanked by trees. That is the way. 

On the way you will come across a sign saying Ma Nam Wat. Follow it, and then at your right hand side, you see this uphill path.

the uphill path

Go up and follow the path, and you will see view like this at the top:

Carry on and  there you go, it is the trio beach (三星灣).

overlooking the trio beach
trio beach

The day I was there, only youngsters were training in canoeing and dragon boat rowing. It was serene. No noise from crowd.

trio beach

If you see a boat pass by, just wave at it. It will come and take you to the Pak Sha Wan (白沙灣) pier , which is right across the waters. The ferry fare is $10 each. Once you land on the pier, the Hiram’s highway is just steps away. You can then take mini bus or bus to the town of Sai Kung or to Hang Hau or Diamond Hill from the highway. The whole trip is about 2 hours.

Just wave, the boat will take you back to pak sha wan

10 Replies to “Hidden Treasure: Hiking to Trio Beach”

  1. This is indeed a hidden gem!

    We were planning to do a short hike, and ending up at a beach sounded like a good idea. The bus took us till Pak Sha Wan where we got off and went around the slight curve to the right on the main road and got onto the road to Trio Beach.

    Around the strip of the land ending up on the beach, the hiking path is laid in stone for most of the way and is almost stroller friendly all the way except for the small hill at the end and down it to the beach itself.

    We had a good dip in the water which was a beautiful green tint. There are shower and changing facility, and lifeguards at the small but well equipped beach side building.

    We then got the sampan ride back to Pak Sha Wan and a bus back to Hong Kong. Not many restaurants or shops at Pak Sha Wan pier, so take along anything you need.

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