Hike near Yuen Long

I have blogged about Yuen Long. Besides sightseeing, you can also hike there. For Tai Lam Country Park, the second largest country park in Hong Kong, is right near.

Last Saturday, I went to Yuen Long for Yum Cha and hiking. It was near lunch time after Yum Cha. Though the temperature dropped to below 30 degrees Celsius, it was still hot. I therefore chose an easy hiking route in Tai Lam Country Park.

It is Tai Tong Nature Trail (大棠自然教育徑)。

It was easy, because it was only a 2 hour walk, but not that easy, as the trail is full of steps, up and down. Some parts of the route are wet.

some small waterfalls on the trail

The attractiveness of the route is, it allows you to have a birds’ view of Yuen Long Plain, once the rice production area for Hong Kong, and Yuen Long centre and even Shenzhen. And a part of the route overlaps with Yuen Tsuen Anicent Trail, the path that once linked Yuen Long with Tsuen Wan, once a market town in the south of New Territories. So you can have a feel about stepping on an ancient trail.

How to get to the starting point of the Trail:
Take minibus (it  has “Yuen Long to Tai Tong” as the sign, not bus number )near CitiMall ( 1 Kau Yuk Road). Bus fare is $4.5. Get off at Tai Tong Shan Road (大棠山路)。Walking from here to Tai Lam Country Park and the starting point of Tai Tong Nature Trail is about 30 minutes. The entrance to the trail is at the far end of this barbecue site.  

Tai Tong Nature Trail itself is a 2-hour walk. The whole walk is about 3 hours though, including the time to and from the starting point.

Read here to see the map.

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  1. I stay at Ngau Tam Mei and can take a taxi to Tai Lam Country Park. Is it far between the 2 places? Also, when is the best time to go up the trail? Is it user friendly for first timer to hike up the place alone? I do not read chinese so I hope I will not get lost in mid way.

    Appreciate your valuable advice.

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