The ugly, the rich and the luxurious

An inflatable sculpture exhibition is being held in the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, the site of the forthcoming park of the West Kowloon Cultural District. photoThis “complex pile” by American artist Paul McCarthy is provocative. Against the backdrop of Ritz Carlton Hotel (Hong Kong’s highest hotel), a very much luxurious residential complex and a very much high-end shopping mall Elements, the pile makes you pause. It is an unwitting weird juxtaposition.

The “sacrilege” sculpture by UK-based artist Jeremy Deller has an unwitting effect 1 His life-size bouncy castle in the shape of Stonehenge captures his interest in the spirit of public participation. And public interest and participation is obvious. It was a Saturday. People had to queue and wait for their turn to jump inside in the “castle”. Yet, just a stone’s throw away, lies a five-star hotel, a luxurious residential building and shopping mall, which ordinary people cannot use.

This is another exhibit I like:

By HK artist Tam Wai Ping
By HK artist Tam Wai Ping

Hong Kong can be beautiful if the divide between the rich and poor is no more 2 The exhibition curated by M+, Hong Kong’s new museum for visual arts at West Kowloon Cultural District, lasts until 9 June 2013. For details, please check out its website.

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