Mass protest against brainwashing of national education

It was 33 degrees Celsius today. Many parents brought their babies and children with them and took to the streets, demanding the abolishment of national education which will be compulsory in three years in both primary schools and secondary schools. The organizer had expected 10,000 people to join the march. 90,000 people turned out in sweltering heat.Currently there is already civic and national education in schools. But the government wants to make national education an independent subject and has sponsored pro-Beijing groups to make biased national education material. It is no doubt that it is a political assignment from Beijing that Hong Kong government must push ahead with the national education so that Hong Kongers have a stronger sense of their Chinese identity. (Recent polls have pointed to the low percentage of HongKongers identifying themselves as Chinese).

A man holds a pair of banners which reads: Please let servility go; An international city stands today because of non existence of national education.

Even the current curriculum touching on national education focuses very much on encouraging the identifying of oneself as Chinese and being proud of being Chinese. What would it be like if the national education becomes an independent subject that needs assessment?  The fear of many parents that their children will be brain washed by the national education, is so real.

outside the government headquarters, where the march ended
Buses and protesters side by side
the campaign to call on students and teachers to strike for a day is received with positive response

A high school student was making a speech against national education, saying that receiving national education is like being drugged:

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  1. sadly, bulk of the Hong Kong population doesn’t have the guts/balls that just stay comfortably at home and accepting whatever corrupt CCP policies the CCP government approves instead of defending their freedoms and rights because HK population doesn’t want to lose their ‘iron rice bowls’

    90k out of 7 million protesting(1.29% of population)…
    (as you aware that similar to Wu Jinbao, extended family of Xi Jinping the next CCP has net worth of 400 million USD, including 60million in properties in HK. source:

    HK is going the way of Tibet with the PRC chinese invading…(sad in indeed)

  2. It seems that Hong Kong is finally paying the price of one country, even though there are two systems. I haven’t read the biased material, but from what I read in the newspaper some of its topics look like bad jokes. In the other hand, I must say that all countries have their own biased official history taught at schools.

    At least I can say that of my country, Mexico. However, it is AMAZING how Hong Kong people take to the streets and protest against government policies. This determination in Hong Kong people makes me admire them more. I wish I could say the same about us, Mexicans, who prefer to stay comfortably at home, accepting whatever corrupt policies the government approves instead of defending our freedom rights.

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