Nearly century-old snack shop

This shop has been around for over 85 years. It was established in Foshan(佛山) in Guangdong in1927, then its founder moved to Hong Kong and so was the shop. Chan Yee Jai(陳意齋)sells traditional snack food and biscuits such as almond cakes, sesame cakes, dry plumes and ginger candy.

Chan Yee Jai in Central
Chan Yee Jai in Central

The shop prides itself on still making traditional snacks that is made in Hong Kong and in the old way, that is hand made. It is most busy before the Chinese New Year when locals shop for new year traditional snacks. So if you want to savor Chinese new year snacks and it is not new year time, Chan Yee Jai must be the place to be.

The most delicious snack of the shop, according to an expert in Hong Kong history, is its shrimp beancurd rolls (蝦子扎蹄). It is also the only cooked food sold in the shop. So when you visit the shop, you won’t miss it. And I did try. Indeed very delicious. Highly recommend it.

Chan Yee Jai has two branches, one in Central, and one in APM, Kwun Tong.

Address in Central: G/F, 176B, Queen’s Road Central.

Tel: 25438414

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog when I googled Hong Kong and found your piece about the place to live for the rich and powerful. Wonderful writing. I couldn’t resist exploring. I just started and found this place. I will definitely visit this summer. I will be looking for candied ginger as opposed to ginger candy. It has become difficult to find.

    Thank you for your writing.

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