Visit wetland Nam Sang Wai

Route: Nam Sang Wai (南生圍)

Date: 13 April 2013

Difficulty: Easy

Hours: 3.5

Name Sam Wai is a wetland area to the north of Yuen Long. It is home to many birds and flora such as reeds and mangroves. This walk is most suitable for families, as it is flat land all along. photo (5) The picturesque wetland has attracted media attention in recent years because of plan for property development in the area. So grasp the opportunity to visit here before development will spoil its environment.

A small boat ferries people and bikes across Kam Tin River for HK$5 per head. It is the most interesting part of the The eucalyptus trees are abundant in Nam Sam Wai and a path flanked with the trees is a signature scene.admin-ajax

The reeds are spectacular:photo (1)photo (4)This is Nam Sang Wai Road, along which you visit much of Nam Sang Wai:

nam sang wai roadA path alongside Nam Sang Wai Road, where you can walk on instead of the pavement of the road:admin-ajax (1)Mangroves along Nam Sang Wai road:photo (8)

How to get to the starting point:

Get off at Yuen Long MTR station and choose exit A for going to Yuen Long Kau Hui Road (元朗舊墟路). Turn to right at the end  of Yuen Long Kau Hui Road to Shan Pu Road (山貝路). After passing a public toilet, you will see a sign pointing to “Nam Sang Wai Jetty”.photo (2) Follow the direction to the jetty to take the small boat. After arriving at the other side of the river, you are at  Nam Sang Wai.


Follow the beaten path and you will soon pass by a big lawn where crowd is seen playing, relaxing, flying model planes, taking photos, etc.

Walk past the lawn to continue the walk along Nam Sang Wai Road, an embankment concrete road.

Follow Nam Sang Wai Road all along, and you will finally come to Castle Peak Road, after some 3-hour leisurely walk. Turn right at the junction of Castle Peak Road and Nam Sang Wai Road,  and walk until you reach a subway. After crossing the subway, you will reach Kam Tin Road where you can take bus back to Yuen Long city centre.

Along Nam Sang Wai Road, you will find a number of farms where you can have drink or snack and take a rest. Biking is common in this area.

And, not long before you reach Castle Peak Road, you should walk under some flyovers and past a vegetable wholesale market, along Nam Sang Wai Road.

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  1. Great work. I haven’t been to Nam Sang Wai, but I want to go. I found your picture and direction very helpful.

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