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1 July March

photo (61)Just some photos belatedly capturing the scene of 1 July 2013 march by Hong Kong people, when typhoon signal No. 3 was hoisted and there was pouring rain at times. People were bracing for bad weather in protesting the incompetence and unscrupulousness of Chief Executive CY Leung, a Bejing loyalist who cheated his way to be where he is, and is known for telling lies and empty talks.

This man holding a placard saying "Down with wolf Leung - Real Universal Suffrage Wanted"
This man holding a placard saying “Step Down, Wolf Leung – Real Universal Suffrage Wanted”

photo (59)The march was also a strong showing of the public demand for democracy.  It is obvious that many protesters support the “occupy central” movement which is poised to take place if no real democracy roadmap is rolled out by the Government. People are fed up with the snail’s pace of the city’s progress towards democracy.

The three in t-shirts are the founders of "occupy central' movement.
The three in white t-shirts are the founders of “occupy central’ movement.

They shouted “step down, 689”, mocking CY Leung got 689 votes from a selection committee of 2000 people in a population of 7 million.

I saw so many people putting money into the movement’s donation boxes. It was later revealed that the movement had collected $0.8M donation during the rainy march, much higher than expected.

CY Leung was so scared of the movement that he claimed earlier his government would suppress the illegal movement. And the police recently arrested a volunteer of the movement, whom the police said participated in illegal assembly two years ago on 1 July, raising questions why the volunteer was not arrested earlier, but only now. It is any reasonable person’s belief that she was persecuted for political reason.

It was estimated that about 100,000 people have turned out for the 1 July march despite the typhoon weather.

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