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A busy beach

I went to the Silvermine Bay Festival in Mui Wo last Saturday. It was nice for Hong Kong to have a festival like this which is a rarity here. I did not find the music, mainly hard rock,  very interesting though.  The opening ceremony, half an hour long, was extremely boring with government officials and other “important” figures making bland speech one after one. I guess if the festival can go “independent” without relying on government money, it can get more interesting. But can it? in HK?

There was a flurry of activities at the beach, besides the music. These people were digging clams from the shallow water so that they can sell them for money.

And these people were volunteers working hard to pick out the plastic pellets from the sand, now almost two weeks after a powerful typhoon sent containers of tiny plastic pellets into the sea, some of which have been washed up Hong Kong beaches.

It is an environmental concern group in Discovery Bay that first alerted the public to the accident and asked volunteers to help clean up the beaches. The Hong Kong government did not start to address the issue and clean up the mess until the concern group sounded the alarm. And, it has yet to decide if any party be responsible for the mess and foot the bill of cleaning up.

The accident spilled 165 tons of plastic pellets into the water, according to government source, and the resulting mess could take months to clean up.

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