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A competition between a pig and a wolf

Hong Kong will have two candidates competing to be the next Chief Executive. One is Leung Chun-ying, former Convenor of the Executive Council, long suspected to be a Communist Party member and another is Henry Tang, former Chief Secretary, with a very rich family background, who is deemed as dumb due to repeated and multiple blunders and flip flops. The competition is therefore termed by some as one between a pig and a wolf.

There has been a series of high profile people coming out in support of Henry Tang recently, including movie star Stephen Chow who in defending Henry Tang, said he was actually “not stupid”. Can you see how “high quality” the candidates are? We just need them not to be dumb.

And don’t be misled by “election” or “competition”. All two candidates are okayed by the Beijing authority and are of course pro-Beijing. Who can “elect” them anyway? A 1200- strong election committee with representatives from different sectors, which is dominated by the influence of tycoons and major businesses. And these 1200 people represent about 0.01% of Hong Kong’s population.

A Beijing official in charge of Hong Kong affairs told the media in October that the election matter is “decided by Hong Kong people, not by me”. This is like black is white, white is black; or false is true, true is false. A shameless lie. A flagrant contempt for truth.

Hong Kong’s “election” of the next Chief Executive who will assume duty on 1 July, 2012, is a joke and a farce. The sweeping media reports on the two candidates disgust me – they lead the public to believe that there is a real “election” going on.

By Anna

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sad but true. HK is going down the drains until true democracy without tycoon influences. I found people don’t have the courage to stand up instead worrying about their jobs and buying the latest fashion pieces.

the real estate prices will continue to climb to space. while wages remains where they are today…the hk economy continue to rely on mainland handouts or tourists. While people who can leave for elsewhere already left before 1997 and again will leave again for elsewhere (not mainland China)

I feel sorry for those living in Hong Kong and doesn’t have the education to get a real job.

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