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A cool video – and a brave Chinese woman

This post is about an online video, which shows Hu Ziwei, a TV presenter herself and wife of popular sportscaster Zhang Bin in China, hijacking an Olympics news conference to denounce her husband for infidelity.

She is brave – for breaking the Chinese taboo that a family’s “ugly” things be kept to itself, and more importantly, denouncing her husband and the void of values in modern China at such a high-profile occasion as Olympics news conference.

I hope she will not be punished for tarnishing the image of Olympics 2008. The video, which was once downloaded by China’s thousands of internet users, has been banned from showing in China. Because of the incidence, China now has a new regulation in place which stipulates that online videos can be broadcast or streamed only by state-owned or state-controlled companies.

Transcript/translation of the dialogue:

… I am here on the stage not as an anchor, but as the wife of the person beside me, Mr. Zhang Bin.
Would you please spare one minute and listen to me?
It is a special date for the Olympics Channel and for Mr. Zhang Bin.
But for me, it also a special day.
Just two hours ago, I found out that Mr. Zhang Bin is having an illicit relationship with a woman other than me.
The coming year is the Olympic year, and the whole world will be watching China and Chinese people.
But a French diplomat has mentioned before that China won’t become a powerful nation until it can export its value system.
If Chinese people don’t have a great leader to build their value system, then what sense does it make?
Please allow me to finish my words.
Is this the way you treat a weak and poor lady?
I have one last thing to say
Let’s fight politely.
But that French diplomat mentioned before, China won’t become a great nation until it can export its value system.
Standing before us is the prim and proper Mr. Zhang Bin … but he is not able to face himself
and not even his harmed wife
I believe that if China wants to be a great country
… Do you guys have any conscience left?
Leave me alone!
This the last Sunday left (before 2008).
Tomorrow, everybody will begin spending a long vacation, but Zhang Bin and I are not able to do that…
(Other voice): We TV presenters are like a family, how could you?
I’m sorry. I wish everybody a happy new year. I apologize to Director Jiang (Heping, of CCTV Sports).
I hope this won’t bother the next athlete to come on stage.

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