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A day near the epicenter of democracy protest (part 2)

Slogans showing the determination of the student protesters were plastered everywhere in the protest site surrounding the Government Headquarters.

I resist so I exist
The slogan says “I resist therefore I exist”
"Democracy" inscribed on the ground
“Democracy” inscribed on the ground
An old man carries these slogans
An old man carries these slogans

Some were tired and slept on the (21)

The items donated by the Hong Kong people to support the democracy movement were plentiful.

"Power to the people" it says.
“Power to the people” it says.
Items donated by Hongkongers pile up
Items donated by Hongkongers pile up

They were mainly water, masks, biscuit, bread, banana, raincoat, and kitchen wrapping paper (for protection against pepper spray).   There are a number of stalls set up to provide such items across the whole protest site.

From time to time, the students walked around distributing wet towels (for protection against pepper spray and tear gas), water, raincoat, food and even umbrella to all those present at the protest site.

The police did not allow people to enter the protest site from noon yesterday, and blocked the way to Tamar Park from Admiralty Station, the main and only way to the protest site. As more and more people wanted to come to the protest site and they were blocked the access, they had to stand at the opposite side, across the Harcourt Road. People were many many, eager to join people at the other side. Only that the heavily armed riot police stood in between.

Then, the people at the opposite side became so many and so frustrated with the police not allowing them access, they started to venture out into Harcourt Road and all of a sudden, I was told they were everywhere in Harcourt Road. I tried to find a high point to look and when I did, that was an amazing sight – the whole section of the road teeming with people, some waiving at us. photo (18)

Harcourt Road teeming with protesters after police denying them access to the protest site
Harcourt Road teeming with protesters after police denying them access to the protest site

It was an emotional and triumphant moment – for people at the protest site, this was a sign that we all stood together. Yet, the police, occupying a narrow space in between and heavily armed, refused to let people from the two sides join. At the end, they fired tear gas, one after one, one after one, to disperse protesters turning up in a growing number.

But every time the protesters dispersed, they came back again to the spot. Again, police had to fire tear gas. And the crowd dispersed, but then gathered again quickly. That is how determined the Hong Kong people were.

CY Leung government has sent riot police to quash the protesters, including using pepper spray and tear gas, holding guns and flashing signs saying that they will fire if the crowd charges. The signal is clear: you protesters are rioters. If not, why were riot police deployed and was tear gas used? The protesters have been peaceful, with many of them students. Just look at this photo. Why riot police?

Students sit quietly in raincoat in front of the police wearing helmets
Students sit quietly in raincoat or with umbrella in front of the police wearing helmets

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