A hike through Sai Kung Old Path

Hiked on 2 December, 2011. Weather: Fine. Route: Tseng Lan Shue (井欄樹) to Tsz Wan Shan (慈雲山)

This is one of the most memorable hikes I’ve ever done. Highly recommend it.

First part of the trail: from Tseng Lan Shue (井欄樹) to Tai Lam Wu (大藍湖)

This part of the route is also called Sai Kung Old Path(西貢古道), dating back to old times when residents in Sai Kung used the path for going to Kowloon. It is one of the most pleasant routes I have hiked. See the video below:

Lush trees line the dirt or stone-paved paths, with singing streams and birds. Some tree roots branch out extensively to form steps.

The red in the green:

Second part of the trail: Ascend Tung Yeung Shan (東洋山,about 570 metres)

When you come out of the “Sai Kung Old Path”, you will find yourself land on a concrete road. Follow the road to Tai Lam Wu village, a small settlement. Once you have passed by it, you will soon see a sign and path at the left leading up to the “Wilson Trail” and a strenuous hike will soon commence.

The  hike up the near 580 metre-high Tung Yeung Shan is all steps and steps. However once you bring yourself up to a higher point, you can see this wonderful view:

Third part of the trail: Fei Ngo Shan Road

You will reach Fei Ngo Shan Road (飛蛾山道) after descending from Tung Yeung Shan.

look back at Tung Yeung Shan from Fei Ngo Shan Road

Follow the road and you will come to this panoramic view of east Kowloon and Hong Kong island, which was in shrouded in smog when the photo was taken.Follow the concrete road of “Shatin Pass Road” (沙田坳道) to reach Tsz Wan Shan (慈雲山)from where you can easily access Wong Tai Sin / Diamond Hill MTR station.

Total length:
About 9 kilometers; takes about three and a half to four hours.

How to get to the starting point:
Take minibus to Saikung from Choi Hong MTR station. Get off at Tseng Lan Shue at Clear Water Bay road. Enter the Tseng Lan Shue village and find and follow the sign of “Wilson Trail”, which appear a few times along the way before you  pass a farm and reach the starting point.

Map of the route:

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