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Taste of local breakfast

A typical breakfast in a typical local restaurant in Hong Kong is like this: a bun with ham and egg, instant noodle, and a cup of Hong Kong style milk tea. Price: 24 HKD.It is not very healthy, as you can see. But it is extremely filling.

I seldom go for a breakfast like this, but that morning, on a weekend, I had the urge to savor one, in a Hong Kong style tea restaurant (called “cha can ting” 茶餐廳 in Cantonese). Not really for the food, but for the atmosphere.

If you like your milk tea with less or more milk, just tell the staff and they will do it for you.

You don’t have a bill for the food. The staff yell to the counter how much you should pay and you pay at the counter.At the entrance to the tea restaurant, Hong Kong style bread made by the restaurant is sold for any customers, including the restaurant customers. Its bread is popular, especially when it is freshly made in the afternoon. So people also come to the restaurant for afternoon tea, just to savor its bread with tea or coffee.

Restaurant: 英發茶餐廳 (without English name);  No. 16 Fu Yan Street, Kwun Tong

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