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A walk into abandoned villages

Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail in Sai Kung is a 1-hour long leisurely walk. On the way you can visit an old site of a Hakka village, which has been converted to Sheung Yiu Folk Museum. The Hakka people settled into the area along the coast in the late 19th century. The village was most prosperous  when lime making along with fishing and farming provided the livelihood. It dwindled, following the decline in lime making after the Second World War. The village was abandoned in 1960s.

If you carry forward from the musuem, you will come to a crossroads, with signs pointing to two villages – Hei Tsz Wan Village (起子灣村) and Wong Yi Chau Village (黃宜洲村), both hakka villages.

Go in the direction of Hei Tsz Wan Village, and you will see  an abandoned village, with a magnificient view of the bay with mangrove closer to the shore.Turn back and go in the direction of Wong Yi Chau Village. Again, the village, but on a much larger scale, was abandoned. As with the Hei Tsz Wan Village, this Village also has a magnificient view over the bay. But don’t stop there. Continue.  You will be amazed by what you see. Yes, a stately Wong’s Family Temple, newly built and freshely painted, amid the wreakage. The villagers may have abandoned the village, but they want to keep their roots and come back here yearly for paying homage to their ancestors.

What a blissful place here, overlooking the sea and in the shadow of mountain. When no livelihood could be made around here, it had to be abandoned, with great sadness. With villages abandoned, and fishing and farming gone, this city has to rely on imported food from China, an unrelaible source, in terms of quality and quantity.

How to get to Pak Tam Chung Nature Trail: take bus No.94, or mini bus No. 7 or No.9 at Sai Kung Bus Terminus, get off at Sheung Yiu.

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I found your blog when I was in Honk Kong and managed to follow your directions to the ghost towns. They were amazing! Thank you so much!

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