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Anji Bamboo Forest – 2nd Part

anji bamboo forest
anji bamboo forest

To continue from my last posting about Anji bamboo forest

Anji bamboo forest (Da Zhu Hai in Chinese) is increasingly popular among the Chinese as a destination for a taste of idyllic life in a green environment. Dozens of guesthouses with restaurants attached are being run by the local. You can play majong, a popular Chinese game, sing KTV, fish, have local farmer dishes, etc. These kinds of things appeal to Chinese, obviously, and these guesthouses fill up during the weekend, especially in summer.

The accommodation price is very cheap for international standard. Typically, a standard double room in a farmer’s house is priced at 65 yuan per night, a 3-person room at 85 and a 4-person room at 110 yuan.

If you come to the Anji bamboo forest and like the environment, just check into one of the guesthouses and spend the night there. The surroundings is peaceful and very green. And the people here are very friendly. The white tea, a local specialty, is as good as Longjing tea, the famous Chinese green tea from Hangzhou.

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5 replies on “Anji Bamboo Forest – 2nd Part”

I jsut returned from a busines trip that included side trip to Anji. I want to reflect positively that this is one of the most beautiful spot in China. I too hope it doen’t get spoiled by teh opening fo teh the new expressway from Shanghai in October.

Beautiful writing about Anji, a beautiful place in China!

I only hope it doesnt become too touristy and over populated like Guilin or somewhere, it’s charm lies in the fresh air and natural beauty of the bamboo forests and friendly people. If it succumbs to en masse tourism I fear all that will change.

See it while you can, also my url has a photo blog with some photos of Anji.


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