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Art museum not to be missed

entrance to the HKU musuem
entrance to the HKU musuem

If you are visiting Hong Kong and look for art museums to visit, do not just visit the Hong Kong Art Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui. Aslo try the University Museum and Art Gallery at Hong Kong University, Hong Kong’s oldest and most prestigious university. The university was recently ranked the Number One University in Asia by QS.

The University Museum often stages some wonderful exhibitions, such as the most recent one by one of the most reputable Chinese painters today CHU The-Chun (朱德群)。A French painter of Chinese origin, Chu is considered one of the masters of modern Chinese painting. The exhibition features a series of pieces of porcelain jars, painted by Chu using the famous Sevres blue highlighted with gold. The exhibition is therefore named “Of Snow, Gold and Sky Blue”. The beauty of the jars is breathtaking and the skills and emotion exhibited are superb and nuanced.IMG_4174_edited

Website of University Museum and Art Gallery, Hong Kong University

How to get there:

The website contains travel direction, showing you how to get there by a variety of means. One of the most convenient ways is taking minibus No. 8 from the City Hall, Central, costing HK$6. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Caine Road entrance of the Hong Kong University. You will see the museum where you get off.

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