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At Civic Square

The Alliance Against National Education has occupied the ground in front of the Central Government Offices in Tamar for a ninth day today. The protestors call the area “Civic Square” with a raised platform as their stage. People, especially the young, gather there 24 hours.

Yesterday, nine former activists who participated in the social movements in 1970s organized themselves into a group to go on hunger strike to support the call for withdrawal of national education. This put the number of people on hunger strike to at least 13. More than a dozen of tents are put up in the square for them to rest in.

Flowers were sent in and paintings were put up.

On the stage, there is always a flurry of activities. When I was there yesterday, there was reading out of hunger strike statements, the announcement of class boycotts across HK’s universities on 11 September, a song singing mocking the government adapted from a pop song, and a lecture on history about schooling.

It was a Thursday. The street and the flyover facing the Civic Square were teeming with people, like the previous nights. The Alliance says 10,000 people turned out last night.

A strong sense of solidarity and hope prevails. This city has no choice but to revolt, against the brainwashing national education which would be compulsory in the primary school and high school in three years’ time。

See you at the Civic Square.

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