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Avenue of Stars a tourist trap?

The Avenue of Stars along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui is named one of the world’s 12 worst tourist traps by CNNGO. While I think reports like this are subjective and for attention grabbing only, I do agree that the Avenue of Stars is not a worthy place to visit. The reason is two-folded.

First, it is full of mainland tourists and the locals like me have stopped going there. That is a shame, really. It is such a nice harbourfront.

Second, it is too “artificial”. The Avenue of Stars is obviously an imitation of Hollywood’s Walk of the Fame, with local movie celebrities’ autographs and hand prints set in cement as plagues. The whole thing was set up just to promote Hong Kong’s tourism, not a natural outgrowth of the local culture. I never like visiting places like this.

I still go to Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront from time to time though, not to see the celebrity plagues, but to visit Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibitions put up there often give me delight surprises. The Museum has benches facing a glass wall at each of its floor (except the ground floor), allowing visitors to take in the harbour for a respite after appreciation of art works, a much better space than the noise and excitement on the Avenue of Stars. To go there, make sure that you take Star Ferry. That is something not only tourists but also locals enjoy doing.

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This may sound harsh, but I’d rather the hoardes of Mainland tourists get stuck there than overtake my neighborhood!

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