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Best Japanese food court in Hong Kong

food court in apm shopping mall, kwun tong, hk
food court in apm shopping mall, kwun tong, hk

This, for me, is the best Japanese food court in Hong Kong. I highly recommend it.

It is on the 2nd floor of the APM shopping mall, just right at the exit A of Kwun Tong MTR station.

A wide selection of Japanese food is offered here, including the Japanese burger Mosh Burger, and Japanese rice, noodles, dumplings and pancakes. My favourite store is “fusion bowl” where you can buy all sorts of bowls of Japanese rice and noodles, come with soup or drink. They are delicious.

The average price is about HK$40-50 (US$7 -8) for a set of meal. You select the food you like, get a ticket at the food store, and make payment with the ticket at a separate cashier, and go back to the store to wait for your food.

Kwun Tong is one of the oldest urban development areas  in Hong Kong, and is known as a “factory area”. But as Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry is dying out, this area has seen fewer factories and more modern buildings with shopping malls like apm being its latest landmarks.

It may be an interesting area for foreign visitors to tour around, as it is crowded with shops and restaurants, some with local flavours, while offering you a glimpse into the past of Hong Kong with traces of torn down factories hidden in the corner. Expect crowds here, as the area is very densely populated.

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