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Buffet choice

I don’t really like going to buffet. It is a wasteful act. Except for rare occasions of celebration. In Hong Kong, Yamm at the Mira Hotel is my top choice for buffet. It is sleek, with comfortable seating and a Japanese and Western menu. And most important, the food is of quality.Compared to five-star hotels, the price in Yamm is affordable. Its Mon-Sat lunch buffet is $208 per head plus service charge, and Sunday Brunch is $338 plus service charge. Sorry, I never like dinner buffet – eating so much before going to bed is sin, and, do we really need to have that much choice in food, and pay $600 for a dinner?

The Sunday Brunch in Yamm includes drink like champagne, fruit punch, margarita and orange and carrot juice, which I all like. Its cold dishes, dessert and seafood are also good.

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Hi Anna!

I just found your site and I really like the way you blog, sharing your experience with interesting comments and beautiful pictures :) Damn, you made me want to go to HK again…
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