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Cafe restaurant in TST

If you look for simple food in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), especially around the Star Ferry pier, do not miss this restaurant – Deli and Wine, right next to Hong Kong Cultural Centre. This restaurant is actually run by a giant food chain in Hong Kong Maxim’s Group. It is a new move by the group, focusing on light and casual dining with another similar restaurant located in the shopping mall next to Hang Hau MTR station.

My favorite food for Deli and Wine in TST is vegetable curry and mushroom pasta. For their price (about HK$50), the food is unbeatable.

The curry vegetable comes with one plain rice and one bowl of curry

The interior decor is like a cafe. The seating is pretty comfy.

I have tried their fish burger and spicy French Fries in the Hang Hau branch. Liked them. They tasted ten times better than McDonald’s fish burgers and French Fries. The branch in TST sells fish burgers too.

Address: G/F, Restaurant Block, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road

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Great tip, Anna! After reading this post I will have to try it out. Do they have any other branches, say over on the Island?

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