HK-Shenzhen Transport

New direct bus service between Hong Kong and Shenzhen Airport

Wharney GuangDong Hotel

The direct bus service through the Hong Kong – Shenzhen Western Corridor seems to be the most convenient and popular way to travel between Hong Kong and Shenzhen Airport. Please see my previous posts here and here. The route is from Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Airport, and vice versa.

The service has gained such popularity that the bus company ChinaLink has started to run a new route, this time from Wanchai on the Hong Kong island to Shenzhen Airport, with effect from 21 April 2009.  

The service point in Wanchai is located at The Wharney GuangDong Hotel (No. 57-73, Lockhart Road).

How to get there:

Take MTR and get off at Wanchai MTR Station, and take exit C. You will be at the Lockhard Road. Turn left and go straight. After the first junction (between Lockhart Road and Luard Road), the hotel is at the right hand side. The bus company has a reception inside the hotel lobby. 

Wanchai to Shenzhen Airport:

One-way price: HK$110; Two-way price: HK$180;  Tel Enquriy: 852-2529-0900 (Wanchai hotline); 852-2230-3030 (Hong Kong hotline) 


Direct bus from Wanchai to Shenzhen Airport:

07:15; 07:45; 08:15; 08:45; 09:15; 09:45; 10:15; 11:30; 12:30; 13:30; 14:30; 15:30; 16:30, 17:30; 18:30

Direct bus from Wanchai to Shenzhen Airport, but with transfer at the Kowloon Station:

10:45; 11:15; 12:15; 12:45; 13:15; 13:45; 14:15; 14:45; 15:15; 15:45; 16:45; 17:15; 18:15

Direct bus from Shenzhen Airport to Wanchai/Kowloon Station:

08:30; 09:00; 09:30; 10:00; 10:30; 11:00; 11:20; 11:40; 12:00; 12:20; 12:40; 13:30; 14:00; 14:20; 14:40; 15:00; 15:20; 15:40; 16:00; 16:20; 16:40; 17:00; 17:20; 17:40; 18:20;18:40; 19:00; 19:20; 19:40; 20:00; 20:20; 20:40; 21:00; 22:00; 22:30; 23:00; 23:30

One-way price from Shenzhen Airport to Wanchai is RMB100, and two-way price is RMB180.

buses parking outside the Wharney GuangDong Hotel
buses parking outside Wharney GuangDong Hotel

Please note that the earliest bus departing from Kowloon Station is 06:15. So if you want to take a very early bus, you should use the Kowloon Station bus service. Also, at Wanchai service point, you can not check in for flights from Shenzhen Airport. Only at the Kowloon Station, you can do so.

The total bus journey time between Wanchai and Shenzhen Airport is about 80 minutes, excluding the immigration time, which is about 15 minutes. 

As said in my prevous posts about the direct bus service between Kowloon Station and Shenzhen Airport, the advantage of using this bus service is that it uses Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor, which is open to vehicles only, so it is fast, and the Chinese and Hong Kong customs at the border crossing (called  Shenzhen Bay Port ) are located under one roof, so it is convenient. But note that the last two buses from Shenzhen Airport (23:00, 23:30) use Huanggang border crossing, which may lead to longer travel time.

HK-Shenzhen Transport

Limousine service from Hong Kong Airport to cities in Guangdong

I think this information may be helpful for those on business travel to China via Hong Kong International Airport.

Two companies are authorized to provide direct limousine service from Hong Kong Airport to main cities in Guangdong Province. You can hire a 6-seater limousine at the Airport from these companies (both located at Buffer Hall A), but to be on the safe side, advance online booking is advisable. 

Just to give you some idea of the cost. Trans Island, one of the service providers, charges HK$2500 (about US$320) for a trip to Shenzhen Airport. A Chauffeur speaking English will be provided.   

Please check out Trans Island’s website for more information and reservation.

Another service provider is Eternal East. Unfortunately its website is in Chinese only. 

But here are the ways to make enquiries and online booking of the cross border limousine service: 

Trans Island

For online enquiry/reservation, click here 

Phone: (852) 2261-2636

Eternal East

For online enquiry/reservation, click here 

Phone: (852) 2261-0176

HK-Shenzhen Transport

Fastest way going between Hong Kong airport and Shenzhen airport

ferry at hong kong airport skypier terminal
ferry at hong kong airport skypier terminal

The fastest way going from Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen airport, over vice versa, will be taking the ferry.

If you arrive in Hong Kong International Airport, use the ferry service at the Airport’s Skypier. There is ferry from here to Shenzhen Fuyong pier, the journey time of which is 45 minutes. Once you arrive at the Shenzhen Fuyong pier, there is free shuttle bus going to the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, taking about 10 minutes.

Below is the ferry schedule, departing from Hong Kong International Airport’s SkyPier at:

1130; 1245; 1415; 1540; 1645; 1830; 1950

Departing from Shenzhen Airport at:

0830; 0930; 1100; 1300; 1425; 1530; 1700; 1830

Ticket price is HK$295/RMB272 one way.

One minus point is that the ferry service is not very frequent, especially that it stops after 8pm on Hong Kong’s end, and after 6:30pm on Shenzhen’s end.

HK-Shenzhen Transport

Transport form Shenzhen Airport to Hong Kong DisneyLand

If you land in Shenzhen airport and want to go to Hong Kong DisneyLand Park, please make sure that your flight lands early. 

There are buses running from Shenzhen Airport direct to Hong Kong DisneyLand Park between 8:20am – 11am, every 20 minutes. The bus fare is RMB150. The bus will go via Huanggang border, and you will need to change to another bus of the same bus company after the border crossing. But this should be easy. Just follow the directions or the passengers in the same bus. 


Block A of Shezhen Airport (near the middle gate of the Arrival Hall), or Block B (next to the No.5 gate)

HK-Shenzhen Transport

The confusion surrounding “Huanggang” and “Lok Ma Chau”

I think there is some confusion surrounding the names “Huanggang” and “Lok Ma Chau”, regarding the border crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. So I hope this post can help dispel some of the confusion.

The confusion arises probably because the names all have at least two references.

Firstly, “Huanggang”. It has two references coming to the border crossing. Most people will take it as meaning the Huanggang/Lok Ma Chau border which is open 24 hours. Correct. Huanggang is the border name for Shenzhen side, while Lok Ma Chau is the border name for Hong Kong side.

But “Huanggang” actually has second reference. It is the name of the station of the Shenzhen underground system which connects to Hong Kong/Shenzhen’s another border crossing – the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian crossing, which came into operation in 2007. Lok Ma Chau Spur Line is the name of the control point at Hong Kong side, and Fu Tian, name of the control point at Shenzhen side. Right after the crossing, at the Shenzhen side, is the Huanggang underground station.

Now you know for “Lok Ma Chau”, it has two references too. It refers to the border name of Hong Kong for the 24 hour Huanggang/Lok Ma Chau border crossing.

Platform of Lok Ma Chau MTR station
Platform of Lok Ma Chau MTR station

It also refers to one of the last stations of the East Rail Line of the Hong Kong train system (another last station is Lo Wu). You take the train to this station for the above mentioned “Lok Ma Chau Spur Line/Fu Tian crossing. This crossing is not 24 hours, and open from 6:30am to 10:30pm only.

And the Lo Wu crossing, a primary passenger crossing between Hong Kong and Shenzhen with rail connection at both sides, is open from 6:30am to midnight.