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Transport from Lowu to Hong Kong Airport

If you need to travel from Lowu to Hong Kong International Airport, here’s the easiest way – take the airport bus from Sheung Shui train station on the East Rail Line.

After going through the Hong Kong immigration, you will find yourself at the Hong Kong Lowu train station. Board the train, and get off at the first stop – Sheung Shui station.

Take exit B2, to get to the Sheung Shui Bus Terminus, where you will find A43 airport bus. It takes about 1 hour to get to the Hong Kong International Airport, with a bus fare of HK$29.2. The bus is every 15-30 minutes.

For details of the bus route, please go to this bus company website to key in the bus route number for checking. Note that the first part of the schedule is for transport to the Airport from Luen Wo Hui (in Fanling, which is about 2-3 stops to Sheung Shui station), and the second part of the schedule is for transport from the Airport.

Transport Travel Tips

Hong Kong online route finder launched

Hong Kong Transport Department has launched an online route finder to help travelers plan trips around the city. You can enter origin points and destination points for route search.

I’ve tried my hands at the system, and I must say it is a big disappointment. It is not user-friendly – hard to find what you want, and you are often at a loss as to how to search. The instructions are not helpful either. 

But it has an abundance of information, complemented with map, fares, and providing information covering bus, minibus, ferry, train, and tram – all modes of transport in Hong Kong. The system is in a pilot stage and hopefully it will be improved soon to give real benefits to visitors to Hong Kong. 

Here is the website:

Transport Travel Tips

Hong Kong’s tram way

Hong Kong’s icon, the 100 year old trams, are set to undergo change after a Hong Kong conglomerate Wharf (Holdings) which owns the Hong Kong trams, has sold a 50pc stake to French giant Veolia Transport. 

Hong Kong’ tramway started operation in 1904. There were 16 one-deck trams then. Now the 2-deck tram fleet has expanded to 163. 

Trams are the cheapest means of public transport in Hong Kong. Adults pay HK$2 (US$0.26) and children pay half that price. The fee has remained unchanged for over 10 years. That is pretty amazing. 

When you are in Hong Kong, don’t miss out a ride on this Hong Kong icon.  I hope the tram will remain as cheap a means of transport as it is, and its look and service will sustain the Hong Kong way after the new owner takes over.

Transport Travel Tips

Budget airlines operating from Hong Kong and Macau

Flying into/out of Hong Kong can be cheap, as quite a few budget airlines operate from the city.

From Hong Kong Airport:

Air Asia

Airasia flies to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur from Hong Kong.

HK to Bangkok: Starting from about  HKD470  for a one-way flight, with tax included.

HK to Kuala Lumpur: Starting from about HKD560 for a one way flight, with tax included.

Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific  has one of the best connections to the Philippines with very low price. Other flights from Hong Kong go to Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok and several places in the Philippines.

Jet Star

Hong Kong to Singapore: one way ticket costs about HKD 560 up. From Singapore, Jetstar serves a big network around the region.

Hong Kong Airlines

With Hong Kong Airlines, you can reach all major tourist cities in Mainland China, such as as Guilin, Kunming, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. Destination outside China is also served, such as Hanoi, Vietnam or Okinawa, Japan.

Flights to China on Hong Kong Airlines are not particularly cheap. It is even cheaper to take flights from Shenzhen airport across the Hong Kong border. The best place to make a booking for flights from China is through elong.

From Macau Airport

If you have time you could also consider taking the ferry to Macau (about HKD150 one way) and take a budget flight from Macau Airport.  Both Air Asia and Cebu Pacific operate from there as well and the price can be even lower.

For more about flying from Macau, view this post by me.

The good thing about budget airlines is, besides the obvious fact that they are on the cheap, the booking is based on a one-way price so if you travel around the region, it is a good choice indeed.


Tip for bus transport from HK to neighboring mainland cities

China Travel Tours Transportation company, a subsidiary of China Travel Service (CTS), runs a full range of bus services between Hong Kong and neighboring mainland cities, such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Shunde, Panyu, Zhongshan and Zhuhai.

Its website lists schedules as well as prices. So it is a wonderful reference. But to see the full list of its bus services, you must click on the names of place/border crossing/route on the left navigation bar. You will be surprised how many more bus destinations you can find.

The website is