Hong Kong As It Is

HK police acts like mainland police

A few Hong Kong police officers arrested a protester, brought him to a dark corner, and then beat him up in turn for four minutes last night.

In today’s Hong Kong, the triads are used to attack peaceful protesters and obstruct press freedom (blocking the Apple Daily from publication), and the police acts like and colludes with triads. Hong Kong police has become as notorious as the police in mainland China in its brutality in dealing with the masses.

The protester who was beat up is actually a social worker, who is even a representative in the social welfare sector to elect the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

How badly was he injured? Here’s the photo showing.

This video shows another protester was suppressed by police brutally:

This video shows police spraying a protester with pepper at very short distance:

Shame on those, especially those with privilege, siding with the CY Leung government and Beijing government to make HK sink deeper into the abyss!

Hong Kong As It Is

Newspaper is blocked from reaching city

What do you think these protesters are doing? Whatever you think, it is reasonable to assume that they are not proud of what they are doing right? Otherwise they would not have covered their faces or turned away from camera, especially if they are protesters.

Photo: Apple Daily
Photo: Apple Daily

Yes, they have every reason to be ashamed of what they do, because they knew they were bribed (from HK$200 to HK$600) to block the entrance to the building of Apple Daily, the newspaper that is openly hostile to Chinese and HK government and supports pro-democracy movement. (Apple Daily is probably the only newspaper that has not kowtowed to Beijing, and its owner is the only businessman in town openly in support of democrats.). Some 100 to 200 people turned up at the complex of Apple Daily, and blocked its main entrance, leading to the newspaper not being able to reach the city until 10am on 13 Oct. At the time of writing, the newspaper’s complex entrance is still blocked.

One of those participating in the blockage admitted that he answered the call from an association that has links to an area in Guangdong province. And another woman interviewed is from Shenzhen, China.

This is how bad things are in Hong Kong: pro-Beijing forces are resorting to violence and shameful ways to create conflict among people, and destroy the rule of law and the values entrenched in the society. This time they try to curtail the press freedom by stopping Apple Daily from reaching Hongkongers. I don’t want to call them evil but they are indeed evil.

Partly because of evil tactics like this, there is the umbrella movement unfurling, going strong as ever, despite varied threats from pro-Beijing forces and attacks by triads. More suppression, more resistance. That is the rule.



Hong Kong As It Is

How the triads and police were together on 3 Oct

The CY Leung regime called the triads in to attack peaceful protesters in Mongkok on 3 Oct, and police colluded with them, shirking their responsibility of protecting the safety of protesters.

The triad gangs set to work on 3 Oct:

A woman recalled what she saw on 3 Oct. She was upset that many were injured and police did nothing. “Whether you are pro or against occupy-central, I don’t care. Using violence is simply not right.” She said. “The people were injured, and just ignored.”

If you have not read a previous post about another witness account of what happened , please click here.

A student asked help from police, who made no response:

Police hit the one taking this video with baton:

A group of women was arranged to go to a police station and given blue ribbons inside the police station. Blue ribbon is the symbol of anti – occupy central movement.

If people want to understand why there is umbrella revolution in Hong Kong, look no further than this. In Hong Kong, even the police has lost its neutrality and credibility, being a political tool only, at the disposal of the government/Beijing. What is equally ugly is that CY Leung and Beijing called in the triads to silence the massive protests in Hong Kong, which however is nothing new in communist China’s history. Those familiar with the history would tell you that this tactic of asking the triads for help is often deployed by the communist regime to stir internal fight so that people fight against people, with the ultimate goal of smearing and elimination of the dissidents.

Hong Kong As It Is

The song of Umbrella Movement

A group of Hong Kong artists sings this song (in Chinese) to pay tribute to the city’s umbrella movement. A very touching song, which was first sung in last night’s rally against violence, referring to the attack by thugs on peaceful protesters last Friday in Mongkok.

How the song was sung in the rally:

Hong Kong As It Is

How HK police colluded with triads

Triad gangs wearing masks to hide their faces attack peaceful protesters in Mongkok yesterday, with police standing idle refusing to interfere.

A friend’s relative passed by when the attacks happened and gave this witness account:

I was in Mongkok this evening and saw with my own eyes some young students were surrounded, intimidated and attacked by a group of men who really looked like triads. Some policemen saw what happened but did nothing. In fact I may go as far as to say the police was pleased to see
the students being challenged by these group of men.
It’s like watching a local triad film.
I think it’s too dangerous for these young people now and they should go home.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that about the police, but that was what I witnessed tonight.

A police chief explained that it took the police one hour to arrive at the scene because the protesters blocked the roads and so police had to take MTR from Admiralty to Mongkok. The fact is it takes15 mins travelling from Admiralty to Mongkok, or a better question is: why must the police be deployed from Admiralty to Mongkok?

In fact, evidence is plentiful that the triads were called across the border from China to hit the protesters. With police standing by and doing nothing, confrontation is bound to happen and the tactics of CY Leung and Beijng is clear. Just wait out and watch the people fighting against each other, like what has happened in the history of Communist China. Internal fight and fight and fight. And those at the top and orchestrating the fights just watch with a smirk.