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Ferry to/from HK airport

If you come to Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport and are en route to Pearl River Delta cities, or vice versa, do consider using the SkyPier at the airport.

The pier, soft-opened in December 2009, is a cross-bounder ferry terminal situated at the eastern tip of the airport island. The airport’s Automated People Mover system has extended to the pier, resulting in only 4-minute travel time to Terminal 1. There are 20 airline check-in desks and five security screening channels inside the ferry terminal.

The SkyPier has ferry going to/from Shenzhen’s Shekou (40 minutes), Shenzhen Airport (45 minutes), Dongguan (Humen)(1 hr 20 minutes), Zhongshan (1 hr 10 minutes), Zhuhai (50 minutes) and Macau (50 minutes).

For ferry schedule and more information, check out here.

HK-Zhuhai Transport

Transport between HK and Zhuhai

The easiest way to go between Hong Kong and Zhuhai is take the ferry. There are two terminals to board the ferry in Hong Kong, the HK-Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan, and the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The ferry departs every hour, from Sheuang Wan and from Tsim Sha Tsui alternately. 

From HK-Macau Ferry Terminal: 08:40 10:30 12:30 14:30 16:3018:00 19:30 21:30

From China Ferry Terminal: 07:30 08:30 09:30 11:30 13:3015:30 17:30 19:00 * (*more than 1 stop)

From Zhuhai Jiuzhou Pier to China Ferry Terminal:  08:00 10:00 11:45 14:00 16:0017:00 17:30 18:30

From Zhuhai Jiuzhou Pier to HK-Macau Ferry Terminal: 09:00 11:00 13:00 15:00 16:3018:00 19:30 20:30 21:30

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Price: HK$180/RMB170

No need to buy ticket in advance. There will always be seats.