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Vietnamese food and market tour

I do not usually go to expensive restaurants for food. So this restaurant I recommend belongs to the neighborhood restaurant category, which means the food tastes good but is not expensive.It is a Vietnamese restaurant located in North Point. I like to order its noodle set. For HK$36, you have a Hong Kong style milk tea, a big bowl of Vietnamese noodle, and some steam rolls or spring rolls. If it is afternoon tea time (from 2:30pm to 6pm), the price is even cheaper.

I’ve also tried its Vietnamese style fried noodle. Not bad, but a little too greasy for me.

Most important, it has an English menu.

The North Point open market is right next door. So after the food, a good activity to do is visit the market where you can find vegetables, fresh fruits, flowers, clothes, bags, etc.How to get to the restaurant

North Point MTR station, exit B1. When you step out of the exit, it is King’s Road. Cross road to the other side of the King’s Road. Walk one block towards the Causeway Bay direction, and turn right at Tong Shui Road. The restaurant (Favourite Vietnamese Restaurant, “越中意”in Chinese)is right there. Tong Shui Road is also where the tram turns in for North Point stop.

Address:  Favorite Vietnamese Restaurant, No. 24 shop, Kiu Kwan Mansion, 395 King’s Road (the restaurant is entered at Tong Shui Road); Phone: 2561-3863

Where to Eat/Drink

Hong Kong style milk tea

You may have heard of Hong Kong style milk tea, which uses evaporated milk to give the tea a very smooth and creamy taste. But you may not know that the evaporated milk used here is mostly imported from Holland. According to a report, 70% of the local restaurants use Black & White evaporated milk, a brand from Holland.  

As a daily drink for many of the Hong Kong people, the tea is offered in almost all the Hong Kong restaurants.

Kam Fung restaurant, at No. 41, Spring Garden Road, Wanchai, is one of the local restaurants that are famous for making top quality Hong Kong style milk tea. Both hot milk tea and cold milk tea are reputedly delicious. Their chicken pies and egg tarts, the restaurant’s signature snacks, are also popular. So the best time to visit is afternoon, for afternoon tea.

Kam Fung is a typical local restaurant so be prepared to be seated at a table with others in a packed and small place. And be warned that the restaurant does not have a good reputation for service.

Where to Eat/Drink

The one star Michelin restaurant in HK

There is raving review about this small restaurant in North Point on Hong Kong Island. It specializes in food like marinated goose meat, noodle, chicken feet, etc. They sound very local right? I dare you to try. But not to worry what to order because the restaurant is full of posters advertising the interviews they gave to the media. Just point to the dishes on the poster and you will not be disappointed.

Since the restaurant was recently rated one star by Michelin, it has been packed all the time. There are also complaints of bad service from customers.  So do expect queues and not comfortable seating and probably not very good service.

Hung’s Delicacies
Shop 4, G/F, Ng Fai Building, 89-94 Wharf Road

You can view photos and comments (mostly in Chinese) of the restaurant here.

Where to Eat/Drink

For chocolate cake and ice cream lovers

IMG_3641If you a fan of chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream, and you happen to visit Hong Kong, try this shop called Awfully Chocolate. It has two shops in Hong Kong:

1) Shop 15 G/F 2-4 Hysan Ave (the shop’s entrance is at Sun Wui Rd), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2) Shop B & C, G/F, 39 – 41, Caine Road, Hong Kong

It sells only three types of chocolate cake (Chocolate Banana, All Chocolate and Rum & Cherry Chocolate), as well as chocolate ice cream.

They sell a whole cake only, not a piece. A whole cake costs about HK$200. If you are a real lover of chocolate, the chocolate banana cake may not be for you. It is a bit light in chocolate. Go for the All Chocolate Cake.

The chocolate ice cream of the shop has won the heart of many of the young in this city. When I was in the shop, at least six youths were licking on the ice cream, and a mum was bringing a kid into the shop.

Awfully Chocolate has shops also in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Taipei and Jakarta.

Where to Eat/Drink

Savor HK’s invention – new style mooncakes

If you are visiting Hong Kong, try the annual festive food mooncakes in celebration of the Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) which fall on 3 October this year. It is the custom here that moon cakes are sold well before the festival. So from now until 3 October, you have plenty of opportunity to have a sampling. Don’t miss the new style mooncakes made with ice cream with all sorts of fillings, which are Hong Kong’s invention.

The bakery that creates the new style mooncakes is called Taipan , whose branches are located across HK, including inside the MTR stations. Because they are so popular, now many bakeries also sell the non-traditional mooncakes, with creation of all sorts of flavors. But coming to new style mooncakes, Taipan is still the leading brand.

As for the traditional mooncakes, try Maxim’s cake shops which are ubiquitous, and can be found inside almost every MTR station, or Kee Wah Bakery , or WingWah.