Plum Blossoms in Hangzhou

         Plums bloom when winter transitions into spring. That is about February through early March. You can see the splendour of plum blossoms in their red, pink and white across the whole valley in the Botanical Garden in the city of Hangzhou. End of winter/early spring is the perfect time to see the city.

Wuzhen – Quintessential China Water Town Spoilt by Commericalism

 I heard about Wuzhen last year and was engaged by the photos – corridors along the river, houses built above the water, willows, pagodas, brick streets… I visited the place this year, during the May Day Golden week. My goodness. The whole place was swamped with people. You actually moved inch by inch and all around… Continue reading Wuzhen – Quintessential China Water Town Spoilt by Commericalism

How to Get to Hangzhou

Here’s a summary of the transport for you to use to reach the city. Hangzhou can easily be reached by plane and train. From Tokyo Air China International, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines International all run direct flights between Tokyo and Shanghai. From Osaka Air China International and Japan Airlines International run mostly indirect flights… Continue reading How to Get to Hangzhou