A challenging hike

Trail: Nam Chung Country Trail

If you are looking for a challenging hike, try this! It is a 3-hour walk, half way uphill and half way downhill. Some part of the uphill hike is pretty steep. But it is worth the efforts – most of the trail hears birds singing and water flowing, and maybe because the trail is not easy, it is very quiet – few hikers try it. On the way we encountered someone meditating next to a running stream.

After reaching the top, you will take in this desolate view. And then you see this  amazing mountain view, with mountain ranges like Pat Sin Leng and Wong Leng forming a shield in front.When I leave the trail, strangely, I remember two things – the spring flowers, also called Hong Kong Hawthorn, whose flowering signals the arrival of the spring, and whose flowers dot the whole trail, giving it vibrant color.And this temple at the Nam Chung Road, where you get off the minibus to walk to the starting point of the trail. Located next to the waters, and accompanied by an old tree,  it is serenely beautiful.

How to get to the starting point:
Take mini bus 56K from Fanling MTR station, get off at Nam Chung Road, where you will be led to Cheng Uk Tsuen (鄭屋村). You can see a signpost like the one shown in the photo below. A 10-minute walk from here will bring you to the starting point of the trail.You will finish the trail at  San Uk Tsai Tsuen (新屋仔村)where you can take minibus No. 56B back to Fanling MTR station.

For more information, check out here.

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