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China’s first web-based online travel agency

If you want to buy air tickets for the Greater China region, check out this website It claims to be China’s only web-based online travel agency. You can book flights departing from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, with instant booking and confirmation. This looks like a real convenience for travelers to China. Currently, China’s other major travel sites like are not able to provide instant web-based booking and confirmation.

I’ve tried the interface of Travelzen website and I like it so far.

According to its website, the “Travelzen Group Limited is a joint venture between Shanghai Ever Bright Town International Travel Agency Limited (SEBTI), China’s largest private air ticketing wholesaler and a reputable international private equity group”.

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I live in Southeast Asia and will be visting China often this year. I just tried elong to book a round trip ticket Guangzhou to Shanghai and the payment system took my credit card (AMEX) just fine. Perhaps they have improved on it recently. I have my confirmation and eticket already within just a few minutes. I recommend it. I also tried ctrip and it seems like a similiar service but didn’t go all the way through the payment system although it looked like it will do the job also. Nice blog and many thanks for the tips!!

Thanks for this! Once you have tried booking (or anyone else here), please provide info if this website really has a functioning payment system?
I just tried and the oline payment didn’t work (just like elong).
Very frustrating. Had to go and do the booking offline (I am in Hong Kong and wanted to fly from Shenzhen).

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