A new middle east

The war is ravaging in Lebanon. Hundreds have died, thousands are injured, millions of dollar of infrastructure are destroyed, and a country who just hard won its progress, is pushed back into despair and decay again.

I feel very helpless seeing the united states refuse to attain a ceasefire because of downright selfishness and self interest. I keep wondering if the secretaary of states Condi feels prick of consciensness whe she reistates us’s postiion of no ceasefire, when hundreds of people are being injured or dying because of the war.

A TV report quotes a lebaonese saying after an israelic missile attack: “The Secretary of State says she wants a new Middle East. Yes, this is the new middle east, without children, without mothers, without love, without emotions.”

As long as the world keeps on electing a president like George W Bush to be the head of the most powerful country in the world, I keep pessimistic about how things work in the world.

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