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Chiu Chow Noodle Shop

I like going to Chiu Chow Noodle shops for noodle.

Chiu Chow is in the northern east corner of Guangdong province, whose cuisine is among the famous in China. Hong Kong has two types of Chiu Chow cuisine restaurants – one is restaurants specialized in Chiu Chow cuisine, the other is Chiu Chow fish ball and beef noodle shops.

at noodle shops, you pay a few Hong Kong dollar extra and get a side dish of vegetable

Although these noodle shops are most famous for their fish ball/beef noodles, I like their dumpling noodles. Chiu Chow dumplings are made of shrimp, mushroom and minced meat, and are for soup only.Wanchai has probably the largest number of establishments serving Chiu Chow noodles across the territory.

My favourite shop is this one: Chiu Hing Fishball Noodle(潮興魚蛋粉), at G/F, 78-84 Hennessy Road. You can also try its fishball noodle – it is famously delicious. The restaurant has English menu.

How to get there:
Chiu Hing Fishball Noodle is a noodle food chain. There are at least three of them on Hennessy Road near Wanchai MTR station. The above mentioned one is the one I like. Take Wanchai MTR station exit B2, turn left, pass the Southorn Playground, and cross Luard Road. The shop is right in front, facing Hennessy Road.

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Thanks for the tip, it’s nice to find little specialty noodle shops you would otherwise pass up. What is the street food specialty of HK these days? One year I was there they had Portuguese egg tart craze and another time I went back it was all about this mango pieces with jelly looking thing. I love HK and their food crazes.

OoOoO, i pass by this shop regularly, must give it a try next time; espeically when my sister comes to HK, she loves fishballs & meatballs, lol.

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