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Computer fairs in town

If you are looking to buy some computer and electronic gadgets and you are in Hong Kong in August, here’s something for you.

Two major computer fairs will be held in the city from mid August.

They are:

  • Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival, Wanchai – Aug 19-22, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Computer Fair, Sham Shui Po – Aug 12-22, across four computer malls namely Golden Computer Centre, Golden Computer Arcade, New Capital Computer Centre and Golden Computer Plaza

Abundant incentives are provided, such as HK$1 for select game, digital radio and universal rechargeable battery. To attract crowd, both fairs offer amazing discounts putting some product price well below the market price.

Sham Shui Po has been a good place for shopping computer related stuff. The computer fair held in the area is getting popular year by year. Last year it was 8 days long; this year, 11 days.

Bargain shopping at the computer fairs hit the local headlines each year. But be warned that don’t expect to get the really good bargains easily. Hong Kongers queue up early for them. I recall that one piece of news last year was that a father got up before dawn in order to stand in the front of the queue to buy a really cheap computer for his son.

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5 replies on “Computer fairs in town”

Hi, I am looking for 7″ tablet Antroid based PC and 14 inch notebook for my son to attend high school. Appreciate any good deals you could recommend.

Thanks, Wil

Yes, it is better that you go to Shenzhen for these types of electronic components. And you can easily get a shenzhen visa at the border. see my post on shenzhen visa.

I do not exactly know which shops in shenzhen have the parts you are looking for but rest assured that there are plenty of shopping centers with shops selling the stuff you want. You can check out this link for more information.

Are there still places in Hong Kong where I can get some electronic components? Something recent like ardunio ( I’m looking for chips mainly.

I’ve been suggested to golden, Sham Shui Po, Apliu Street. Golden Shopping arcade is mostly IT computers, which is nice but not what I’m looking for.

I’ve found Welfare Electronic Components Ltd., which fits what I’m looking for, but all they carry are older parts which are mostly higher then what I can get locally in Canada. Is going to across the border to China the best solution?

Welfare’s on Ming Chu Building 201, Apliu St., Sham Shui Po.

Any suggestions?

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