Hong Kong As It Is

Cubans, no immigration!

Four countries’ nationals are not allowed to immigrate to Hong Kong. These countries are: Cuba, North Korea, Afghanistan and Albania. This is disclosed after a woman from Hong Kong married a Cuban national and wanted to apply for residency rights for her husband when she was told by the Hong Kong immigration authority that her husband was not entitled to.

“If I knew cubans are not entitled to immigrating to Hong Kong, I would not have married,” she said. She spent years living in Cuba before coming back to Hong Kong with her husband to take care of her sick father. Her husband has to visit Hong Kong on a tourist visa, who is allowed to stay in Hong Kong for a mere three months within a period of half a year.

It is clear that this policy of not allowing Cuba nationals to immigrate to Hong Kong is a policy legacy influenced by the US foreign policy. It has no relevance to today’s world. The Hong Kong authority thinks Cubans would export communism so it wants to ban them? Or it thinks it is the North Koreans who would do this?  But the latter don’t even have freedom of travel. And, why are Afghanistan and Albania on the list? If you have the clue, let me know.

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