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Direct bus: Wanchai to Huanggang, Shenzhen

There is direct bus service from Wanchai to Huanggang, and vice versa. The advantage of this bus service is that it operates day and night, with very frequent bus service during the day. You can get on the bus almost any time of the day.

Please note that passengers going to Huanggang have to carry all their luggage off the bus at the Hong Kong border, ie Lok Ma Chau Control Point. After the immigration, they will get on the bus again to be driven to the China border control point (Huanggang).

Or, if you come from Huanggang, you have to carry your luggage off the bus at the Hong Kong border, and then board the bus again for Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Ticketing and Terminal: Wanchai Ferry Pier, Hong Kong; or 1/F Departure Hall, Huanggang Control Point, Shenzhen

Fee: HK$45 (0615-2344); HK$50 (2345-0614)

Enquiry: (852)25960782


From Wanchai Ferry Pier
0600-0900: every 20-60 mins
0900-1700: every 15-30 mins
1700-2000: every 10-12 mins
2000-0200: every 12-30 mins
0200-0600: every 30-60 mins
0700-1300: every 12-20 mins
1300-2300: every 8 mins
2300-0200: every 10-30 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins
0700-1300: every 20-30 mins
1300-2200: every 10-20 mins
2200-0200: every 12-30 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins

From Huanggang
0600-0900: every 12-30 mins
0900-0200: every 15-20 mins
0200-0600: every 30-60 mins
0700-0200: every 10-20 mins
0200-0700: every 30-60 mins
0700-0200: every 10-15 mins
0200-0700: every 20-60 mins

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4 replies on “Direct bus: Wanchai to Huanggang, Shenzhen”

Is the depot of wanchai to huanggang bus is located at the same station of #8 bus in wanchai north?

The wanchai ferry pier is massive, the number does not work and no one seems to know about where the bus actually departs from.

This is very helpful information! Thank you!
I am traveling to Hong Kong soon and my Chinese contact will pick me up at Huanggang customs border. So I am considering taking this bus rather than MTR/KCR, do you know the bus number or bus company name that operates this bus? Thank you very much!
Kind regards, Caroline

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