HK-Shenzhen Transport

“Hong Kong – Shenzhen Airport” direct bus: Update

Following my previous posting about the express direct bus service between Kowloon Station, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Airport, here’s more detail:

Bus company name: Chinalink Bus Company Limited

Shenzhen Airport to Kowloon Station, Hong Kong (in Chinese only)

Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Airport  (in Chinese only)

Hotline (Hong Kong): (852) 2230 3030

Bus  journey time: 75 minutes – But this does not take into account the immigration time and luggage time etc. So please plan your journey with at least 2-2.5 hours ahead of your flight time.

Through: Shenzhen Hong Kong West Corridor, with Hong Kong/mainland China checkpoints under one roof – convenient

Cost: HK$100

Departing from Hong Kong:

6:15 – 19:15 daily; two buses departing hourly; at :15 and at :45 (6:15, 6:45; 7:15, 7:45; 8:15, 8:45; 9:15, 9:45, etc)

Ticketing office: 1/F, Elements Shopping Mall, at Kowloon Station (Exit C, Kowloon Station of Hong Kong MTR)

Departing from Shenzhen Airport:

9:30 – 21:00 daily; two buses departing hourly; at :30 and at :00 (09:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, etc)

Ticketing office: A08, B04 counters, Arrival Hall, Shenzhen Airport

Also see: Ticketing update: “Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airport” direct bus (posted on 6 December, 2010)

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Just an update. The rate from SZN to HK, Jordan stop, in TST, now 130¥. Times reflected in other posts are accurate, count on 2, 2-1/2 hours transit. Was told I could return to SZN from Jordon stop, but I don’t think so. Will just go Kowloon station, this seems more reliable. Also seeking whether they take ¥ or Only HKD on the HK side.

harbor road is in wanchai. you take bus from shenzhen airport to lowu, from there take hk mtr all the way to hung hom, the last stop. then take tunnel bus 104, it is the 1st or 2nd bus stop after crossing tunnel.

Help! I need to go from Shenzen airport to 26 Harbor Rd to get an employment visa; what is the bus service that will take me to, or near that building. How long will that trip take to get there? And how far is that from Nathan Rd, Han Ming Lung hotel? Oh, and the approximate cost.

Thank you,


I planning to take the 10:10 flight from Shenzhen to Guilin.
1. When should take the bus from the Kowloon to Shenzhen airport?
2. How much ahead of the flight should I get to Shenzhen airport?

Please advice…

im from f visa will end on august 10, i found job here in dalian just this time and my expected employer told me as of this date august 6 that i must to go hong kong thru shenzhen to stamp one documents there and come back immediately.
now this is my question:
1. i have 4 days lift now,
i will travel today going to hong kong and process my working visa. could i still enter china shenzhen if i had only 2 days lift in my f visa?
2. from shezhen airport how i go in hong kong. please guide me coz i dont know to speak chinese.

thank you

Hi we are flying into Shenzhen from Shanghai and want to travel immediately to hong kong for 3 days; we are travelling heavy and would like to leave heavy luggage back in shenzhen, please advise if there’s a left luggage facility at Shenzhen airport or shanzhen Luohu railway station? If yes then how much does it cost & how convenient is it? Thanks

Thank you for providing info on cross border travel. I note from website that the first bus leaves at 6:00am from Kowloon station, but not from Jordan. The Jordan pickup is at 7:00am for 7:15am at Kowloon Station. Can you advise the location of the Jordan pickup? I am deciding on whether to go earlier for a 11:05am flight from Shenzhen.

There is no cross-border taxi yet. i think there is bus going between shezhen airport and hk disneyland. you can check that out.

Hello Anna,

Is there any teksi directly go to shenzen airport frm hk disneyland? We have 4 adults 2 children. Many language. How mush is the cost? Or any alternative way that would be easier.

1. the coach to shenzhen from hong kong airport?
2. some 3-star hotel chains in China? they are in every major city, including guangzhou and shenzhen.
3. take the bus from lohu bus terminal, about RMB70.


Hi Anna,

Thank you for all the info…….makes the journey much more pleasurable!

I’ll be flying into Hong Kong end of March and my flight arrives at1845hrs. Please can you advise on the following:
1. I need to take the cheapest mode of transport to Shenzhen that very night; how much is it, and which border post can I use………I’m a foreigner?
2. Could you please suggest hotels/motels equivalent to 200 South African Rands per night in both Shenzhen and Guangzhou
3. The earliest (and cheapest!) mode of transportation that I can get to Guangzhou and how much I need to budget for it and where I can board from?

Many thanks,


Hi Anna. I just want to thank you, as the info i found here was really helpfull, and your blog in general very enlighiting. It opened some really interesting conversation while my visa run in Hong Kong.
So sad its my last night. I LOVE this city!!!! Thank you:)

i need to get to shen zhen airport for 8am flight, already got boarding pass. will i make the flight taking the first bus at 6am from kowloon to shen zhen airport ?

Hi Andy, you can buy the ticket on the day of your travel. really no need to buy in advance, unless it is CNY. no online ticketing for the bus.

Hi Anna…..just few quick questions, is there anyway to buy the bus ticket online (for kowloon to shenzhen airport)? or should I go directly to the station to buy it?
If only buy from the station, can I do advance purchase? if so, how many days in advance?
Thank you for your time and sorry to trouble you with this. Regards

you have to apply for a China visa for entering Shenzhen. entering HK is not a problem. but you need a China visa for entering Shenzhen.

Hi I am from kolkata india.I have work permit for hong kong and I am planing to go hong kong next month but there is no direct flight from kolkata to Hong kong .Now there is a direct flight from kolkata to Shenzhen .Is it possible for me to fly Shenzhen and go to hong kong by using any local transport with only having Hong work permit only.Please suggest.

Just to prove that the HK to Shenzhen bus can be quick: last Saturday my wife and I caught the 6.40am from Elements mall/Kowloon station and arrived at Shenzhen Airport at 8am. 80 minutes in all. Last time it took twice that. If you live on HK island I recommend you get a taxi to Elements rather than getting the bus from Wanchai, which adds half an hour to your journey. The earlier you go through the Shenzhen Bay border crossing the quicker the journey.

I’m from Russia.
I need to go to Shenzhen.
The better way(cheapest and fastest) to do it – direct fly “Moscow-HK”.
As I see – I can go to Shenzhen by this service “Hong Kong – Shenzhen Airport” direct bus”, therefore I want ask – what does the phrase “Kowloon Station to Shenzhen Airport (in Chinese only)” means? Exactly – what does this “in Chinese” means? This service is available only for Chinese citizens or what?


what is “open time” of tickets office in hong kong Elements Shopping Mall, at Kowloon Station for bus to Shenzhen airport ?

Departing from Hong Kong at the MTR Kowloon Station (exit C) you are to follow the ‘Mainland Coaches’ sign, not the signs for the ‘Bus Terminal’. This brings you to the Mainland Ticket Office at the 1st floor of the Elements Shopping Mall.

From the ticket office an escalator goes down to the bus departure platforms.

the only HK-shenzhen border that is 24-hr and for passengers is Huanggang (shenzhen). that will be the only way for you.
check out the bus service from hong kong airport to huanggang. they may have late buses to the border.


i m going to from Hongkong airport to shenzen airport
can anyone pl. help me how to reach there
i will land in hongkong at 3:25pm and my flight from shenzehn aiport is at 8:30pm..

pl. lets me know the best way


On next November, I will go with my family from HK Airport to Shenzhen, but unfortunately our flight will be landing at 23:00 ( if is not delay), I read some news that I have to go to Lok Ma Chau Road border by green taxi and across the border to huanggang (Shenzhen). Does any body can help me is it the best and the safe way? Any body knows about bus service from HK Airport to lo wu at night? please help me thanks

hi sir/madam, is there a bus service from the hongkong airport direct to huanggang or luohu and vice versa? how do i go about it and how much? thanks

is a hongkong city check-in an option for all flights departing from Shenzhen Airport, or is it only available for flights with certain airlines? I’d like to confirm that before purchasing my return ticket from Shenzhen to Shanghai. Thanks!!

Hi Anna,

The information and links on you site have been most helpful! Thanks!!
Quick question about the (HK) city check-in service for a flight departing from Shenzhen Airport – can you check in luggage for all flights or only certain airlines? Is there a site that gives more info on this?


HI, I have a question ont know if u can answer it, but do u know if u have to buy the ticket some days before the trip or u can just by it at the mall?

Hi Anna, thank you for transport info – very useful! I will do the journey Shenzhen Airport – Kowloon soon. Just wanna ask if I can pay the ticket by credit card. Thank you, Lucie

MArie, the arrival hall of shenzhen airport is pretty small. there are all the counters there selling different sort of tickets. your parents will be able to find it easily. no worries.

Answer in the chinese version
深圳機場候機樓到达廳A08、B04櫃檯 Shenzhen Airport Terminal Arrival Hall A08, B04 counter

Not sure you can pay RMB for the trip from HK to Shenzhen airport, though many shops in HK now accept RMB. But I am quite sure you can find some place inside the Element shopping mall to exchange your RMB into HKD in case you must pay in HKD.

Hi Anna
Thanks for the very useful information.
A couple of quick questions: I presume as the price of Kowloon to Shenzhen airport is 100 HK$, the cost of Shenzhen airport to Kowloon is 100 rmb?
Is it possible to pay RMB for both trips?

thanks you guys for coming back to the website to share your experience. it will be helpful for other travellers.

We are just back from China. We did the Kowloon to Shenzhen Airport bus as described above and found it perfect. No hassle anywhere Takes 2 hours and costs HKD 100.
We checked out where the Ticketing office was in the Elements Shopping Centre the day before and were advised when we would need to be there based on our flight times. There’s now a second terminal, on Hong Kong Island at the Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan so there were already passengers on the bus when we got on. As westerners it took us slightly longer to get through Immigration at the border but we were picked up by Chinalink staff and caught the next bus and arrived at Shenzhen departures on time.
Thanks for the advice.

Ryan, the arrival hall of shenzhen airport is not big. you will find the counters easily. no worries.

Go to the bus terminal and ask the staff in uniform where the bus to humen is. I am sure people will help you.

Thanks for the update. I’ll be travelling to Hong Kong next week and didn’t know about the new direct bus schedule.

Anna went you mean A08 is Terminal A counter 08 and Terminal B04 is Terminal B counter 04, Arrival Hall, Shenzhen Airport? May I know once I come out from arrival which way should I walk to arrive at the counter? I be arriving at Terminal B.

Also can I know which platform or counter to buy ticket to Humen at Lo Wu?

Thanks for all the help really appreciate your help.

Ryan, not sure about the direct bus, but you can take east rail line from mongkok to lowu, and then take bus from the bus terminal next to the lowu immigration tower to humen (about 50-70 minutes, and 40-50 yuan for a ticket).

any suggestions for a bus from downtown shenzhen (dongmen or lu wo area) to hong kong airport? thank you

Hi Anna Tam do you know any company that do driect bus from Kowloon or HK to Humen Town and Via Versa. Yhanks

i don’t see problem with that. but pls check comments under this post about other’s experiences for you to make your final decision.

Hello, I have a flight from Shenzhen Airport at 9.15 AM and I was thinking of taking the 6.15 bus from Kowloon…will I make my flight? Will I run into Shenzhen morning rush hour traffic? Thank you

just wanted to let you know that the Kowloon Elements connection to Shenzhen Airport worked out great for me.
My flight from Shenzhen left at 11.00 am, April 21, so to be safe I took the 07.15 bus from Elements shopping mall ( I went there the day ahead, bought the ticket for 100 HKD, because I was in doubt that there is really a bus service inside a shopping mall, but so it is).
The immigration went fast, I was picked by a customs officer thought so take that as well in consideration.
About 09:15 am the bus was in Shenshen Airport.
Thank you for the good advice…

I am traveling to Hong Kong an want to travel over into Shenzhen to make it easier for a factory to pick me up.

My flight gets into HK late soi a bus and the train are not an option. Is it possinble to take a taxi from HK to the Four Points SHeraton at # 5 Guihua Road, # Futian Free Trade Zone# Shenzhen?

Thanks for any help you can give me

i want to travel by bus from SHENZHEN airport to KOWLOON, are there busses and whats the procedure and times of the buses, AND ANY OTHER INFORMATION, THANKS,

hello. i suggest you take the taxi to huanggang, and from there there are many buses going to different parts of Hong Kong.

i guess it is risky to take the direct bus to the shenzhen airport for catching your early flight.


I am arriving at Shenzhen airport at 11:50 pm, what would be the safest way to come back to HK? How long will it take?

I am also flying from Shenzhen airport at 8:50am, and I have HKID, so the immigration I guess it will be faster, if I get the 6:15 bus, will I be on time for the flight?

Thanks a lot. I v much appreciate this.

Hallo :-)

Wir reisen beruflich am 26.5.2010 nach Shenzhen und bleiben bis 29. oder 30.5.2010.
Danach möchten wir gerne circa eine Woche in Hong Kong bleiben.
Ist es besser direkt in Hong Kong ein Hotel zu buchen oder sollten wir in Shenzhen bleiben?

Könnt ihr uns raten, was wir in dieser freien Woche besichtigen sollten?

Vielen Dank für Eure Antwort.


Just returned from HK and can confirm the Chinalink bus from Kowloon to Shenzhen airport works perfectly well. The bus ticket office in Kowloon even checked me in for my China flight departing from Shenzhen! I flew on China Southern but they seem to have all airlines on their system. This saves time as you can go straight to the gate at SZX airport, provided you travel with carry-on luggage only. The bus is comfortable, you get a water bottle and a sticker to wear so they can direct you to your bus after you cleared Chinese immigration, where you get off to clear immigration and get onto another bus on the other side of the building. Journey times were 80 and 90 mins, hence do allow your 2 hours+, on my trips there was absolutely nobody in front of me at immigrations, hence I cleared within 2 minutes, which is not always the case. Get your return ticket for HK$60 while you’re in Kowloon.

CTS also offer a bus service from from Connaught Rd to Shenzhen BUT I advise you NOT to use their service. They sell the ticket, tell you it takes 2.5 hours or longer, there is no refund, there is no flight check-in and they really don’t care about anything at all. Chinalink on the other hand is first class service and no matter where you are it’s worth the trip to Kowloon to catch their bus!

Coming from Shenzhen go to the bus counter inside the arrival hall, the pink counter is for Chinalink, number 4 or 5 it is, not to miss. From there super nice ladies will take you personally to your next bus.

Richard is absolutely right. 75 minutes does not include immigration time and is in any case a description of ideal travel time. This trip requires at least 2 hours. And remember folks, you need to lug your crap off the bus, through immigration hall and back on the bus on the other side. It’s a schlep. The most comfortable way to travel between HK and Shenzhen (or any major point in Southern China) is by Ferry. The bad news is the Ferry from Shun Tak Centre in Sheung Wan Hong Kong island to Fu Yong (Shenzhen airport) has been stopped. Now you can only go to Fuyong by Ferry from HK airport. Another way is Ferry to She Kou, then taxi to the airport. It’s double the cost of the bus, but there will be few people on the ferry, a very short immigration line, comfort, quiet and all the other things a cranky old traveler craves.

This bus does NOT take 75 minutes…that may be the travel time, but does not include passing immigration. It takes about 2 hours, possibly longer if immigration is crowded. I learned that the hard way….planned for about an hour and a half based on this blog, missed my flight, had to buy a new ticket. Perhaps on a very fortunate day it could take 75 minutes, but the staff all say about 2 hours.

Wonderful information….wondering, is there a bus connection (shuttle bus) between Shenzen airport to Hong Kong airport and if there is, where is the bus terminal located and what is their time schedule. Thanks in advance and look forward to hear your reply.

Hi Anna,

do you know if there’s any direct bus from Shenzhen airport to HK after midnight? I will arrive in Shenzhen on 22 Sep midnight, and I have to be in HK office by 9am the next day.. what do you think i can take?

Nice and super useful blog btw!

Hi Anna, I’m planning to go from HK to Shenzhen Airport. I have a 9.00 A.M. flight — do you think I can make it if I take the 6.15 A.M. bus from Hong Kong? Will the immigration and check-in procedure can be done in Hong Kong side as well?

Thank you,

Hi Anna, thanks for the blog and very useful info. One question if you please. We are flying off Shenzhen at 09:00 on Sept 02. I’m not aware of any holidays, it seems a usual weekday. Do you think we can make it in time if we take 06:15 bus? Any help /tips appreciated.

Thank you very much!


Naftali, you can check in at the bus station, at Kowloon Station, inside the Element Shopping Mall.

Normally, if you take the first bus 06:15, that should be okay. it is early so it won’t be crowded. but since 3 october is holiday, that makes things a little complicated. i am not even sure if you can get the ticket. i am not sure.


Hello Anna
Wonderful blog.
Just to be sure, I have to catch a flight from Shenzhen at 09:50, at October 3 (holiday)
Will I be able to be in time if I catch the 06:15 Chinalink express bus?
will it be crowded in the station? or in the border?
I understand that I can check-in to the flight at Honk Kong station, is it true?
Thanks for your prompt reply

do you guys know if I will be able to get on the bus from shenzhen to hong kong with a canadian passport??

Hey folks,

I’m planing a trip to China later this year. My flight from Germany will arrive at Hong Kong Airport around 10:45 a.m.

Do you think it’s possible with passport control, buying a ticket and stuff to catch a bus to Shenzen and take a flight departing at 3:00 p.m.? (There’s only one other availible around 10:00 p.m.)

Thank’s a lot!

mel, staying in a hotel near hk airport is not an option. because it will be expensive. you should rather think about staying in a shenzhen hotel. so that is pretty clear what you should do.

Mel, ditch Best Western and go straight to Queen Spa. you will absolutely love it! it’s like a massive shopping mall for your body. spas, saunas, heated swimming pools, massage, movie theaters, restaurants and pampering unlike anything you have ever seen in your life. and best of all is costs 108RMB, which is probably about 1/4 the price of a hotel. there are free shuttles there from the Louhu border crossing. it is open 24 hours and you can sleep there in a pod hotel (free, clean and super cozy!). this place is like a dream. just drift around in silk pjs all night! look it up on the web. spend the night there, then head to HK in the morning feeling totally refreshed! it’s family friendly, not dodgy at all. Chunfeng Lu.
Tel: 755 82158822. the free shuttle leaves every half hour or so from the parking garage below Luohu Border Station, or have a taxi driver take you there. good luck and enjoy!!

I am hoping for some detailed advice. I’ve read quite a bit from your blog, but I still feel lost. I will be traveling with 4 friends, and will be arriving at SZ airport on a sunday night at 10:20pm. We need to be at the HK international airport on Monday morning to fly out by 9:10am. I am familiar with Luohu/Lo Wu station, but I dont think we’ll be able to make it from the SZ airport to Luohu before closing at midnight. I am wondering first, if we should stay at a hotel in SZ sunday night and get up early to cross at Huanggang/Lok Ma Chow or just continue on through there on sunday night (or after midnight) and stay at a hotel close to the HK airport? I have never flown out of SZ airport nor gone through Huangong…so I feel lost. I could use advice on each step of the way from SZ airport all the way to HK airport. Can you help please? I am looking for anyway to get us there on time that doesnt cost a fortune. Bus/MTR/Taxi…. schedules, length of time traveling, locations and fares? The Hotel I am considering in SZ is Best western Felicity (outside Luohu – only because i know where it is and am familiar with it) or a hotel along the route in HK..please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thank you very much

hmm, I have some doubts about your time estimate for the bus to SZ airport. I was just in HK this weekend and they said it takes 2.5 hours. I speak fluent Chinese, so I asked a driver and he said if there were absolutely no traffic whatsoever and no border check points, then yes he could make it in 75 minutes. I ended up taking a mini-bus instead. it cost $160 HK, and was far more comfortable than a bus. you don’t have to disembark at the border. they check your papers at a drive-through. I left Wan Chai at 9am, got to Kowloon at 9.20. we left Kowloon at 9.30 and I arrived at the SZ airport at 10.45. I think the bus would have taken much longer, and I would have missed my flight. the private mini-van runs hourly from Wan Chai, 7am to 5pm. and on the half hour from Kowloon. hourly from SZ Airport to HK, 9am-8pm. Guandong Yue Li Jia Transp. (HK) 6890-1499 (SZ) 13710690933. they have a booth at the SZ airport. or you can go to the China Travel station at Wan Chai.

i advise you to take the earliest bus from kowloon station. 0700 bus is too late. you are requested to check in at least
one hour in advance at the airport.

you can also check in at the Kowloon Station. Not knowing Chinese is not a problem. Staff can speak English.

hi anna,
i need to catch the morning flight to xiamen from shenzhen at 0900. is it possible for me to take the bus from kowloon stn at 0700 and reach thr in time. how much time earlier i need to be at the airport. can i check in at kowloon stn itself.
also i dont know chinese at all so is it easy to access the right way at kowloon stn for the same.


mindy, just take the direct bus to shenzhen airport. you can depart from Element (kowloon station), or wanchai. pls check out my posts. or do a search on my blog. you don’t need to produce an air ticket for using the bus.

it should be at least 1 hour before the flight time. to be on the safe side, be there at least 1.5 hours in advance. but be prepared that the flights from shenzhen airport are often delayed – i remember someone has commented on this on this blog.

Hi Anna!
Love your website… very useful and well organised!
I was wondering how long in advance do you need to be at Shenzhen airport for a domestic flight? What’s the latest check in time?
I am not sure if you have the answer, but thanks a lot in advance for your help…

Hi Anna-

I am so glad that I found your site.

I have traveled between Kowloon and FuYong many times via ferry but just checked the ferry schedule for my upcoming trip and discovered that the ferry that I normally take is no longer on that route. I am hoping that you have a suggestion for me.

I need to get from HK/Kowloon to either FuYong or Shenzhen Airport in the morning on 6/15/09 (monday). I will not be flying out of the airport so I cannot use any service that requires an airline ticket. I will have a car pick me up.

Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I notice that one has to check in at the Kowloon side for flights out of Shenzhen Airport if to use the Airport express from Kowloon to Shenzhen Airport. Can you actually get on the bus and then purchase the domestic plane tickets when at Shenzhen airport? or at Kowloon station itself?

Hi Anna,
sorry but I speak a little english
I have a flight fron Shenzhen the sunday 5 april to 09,50 am,
it’s possible go to the bus 6,15 from Hong Kong? it’s better go to train?
thank you very much

Hi Anna,

Great work !!! I need little info about the direct bus from kowloon to shen zhen airport. I have a flight from Shenzhen around 11 am and m thinking to catch a 6:45 bus or do u suggest me to take 6:15 bus ( asking coz it’s easter sunday holidays and that can be a little crowdy) and how much time it takes at immigration ??


Hi Isabelle

answer to question 1: yes
answer to question 2: no

it is a bit early – but, it is no harm to go a bit early if you feel that it puts your mind on peace.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the information.. Really helps a lot in my planning.
– Would like to double confirm my planning, that we can buy ticket at Element Shopping Mall just before my departure?
– Do you advise that we buy ticket when we reach HK few days before?

Proposed Bus: 1545 Bus, up to Shen Zhen… (which takes abt 75mins)
Will it be too early to go up?

Flight at Shen Zhen Airport : 23 March (Mon),11.55pm

Hi Anna, you’re posting is very useful :).

We (6 persons) plan to go to Hong Kong and mainland China on June, Our plan is : arrive at Hong Kong on Friday noon and go back to Malaysia from Beijing at Saturday night or Sunday morning on next week.

Our question is :
1. It is possible to discover HK, Shanghai, and Beijing with above schedule?
2. If yes, what is your suggestion to go from HK -> Shanghai ->Beijing (using train/bus/plane the fare and the duration)
3. If no, the same question, train / bus / plane to Beijing
4. Maybe you can help us with the top site (must see / visit) on that three cities, or some link about that?

Thank’s for your help :)

this website is so useful!
My boyfriend and I are living in HK at the moment, and planning a trip to mainland China. Since flights from Shenzhen are a lot cheaper we’ll fly from there, and surely will take the direct bus.
Just one question: once arrived to Shenzhen airport, is it easy to understand where is the flight/gate or is it all written in Chinese?
Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question!
Thank you a lot,


I am arriving at HK airport at 7:20 pm on a Saturday and plan to obtain transportation to a hotel in Shenzhen. I have been told that there is a taxi bus that will accommodate about 5 passengers to hotels in Shenzhen.

Can I arrange this at HK airport and do they take credit card for the ticket?



Hi! Came across this website as I was looking for the fastest means to go to Shenzhen Airport from Hong Kong International Airport. Will be travelling with my husband and 2 kids. Will be arrivig in Hong Kong at 7:40am. My question is what is the fastest means to go to Shenzhen airport to take the 11:45am flight to Sanya? Is it realistic to have this schedule?

Thanks for your help.

take the taxi to any station on the east rail line, such as tsim sha tsui east, mongkok east or kowloon tong, and then get to lowu by train. after border crossing, take the taxi again – it will take about 40 minutes to get to shenzhen airport.

if you have a bit of time after the lowu crossing, can take an airport bus, but it will take at least 1 hour.

Hi Anna,
I don’t know if you’re still up, but I need to know how I can get from Tung Chung to Shenzhen airport, arrive before 8am. I have heavy luggage too. The MTR station opens 6:02. I can’t catch the first bus from Kowloon because it takes 30 minutes + to go from Tung chung to Kowloon (according to the mtr site). I’m afraid I’m going to miss my flight. I don’t know what to do. :( I hope you’re still awake, and can reply asap. Thanks

this is the best way, in terms of saving money (another way is flying from hk to shantou – more expensive, of course).

you should use the lowu border crossing – after leaving the immigration hall at shenzhen side, you will come to Lowu Commercial City (name of a shopping mall). There, you will be able to find long distance bus to shantou.

I need some help. I am flying into Hong Kong Airport. My flight arrive at noon time. I have to go to Shantou (my destination). Someone told me that I should take bus from the Hong Kong airport to Shenzhen border, then take express long distance bus from Shenzhen to Shantou. Is this the best way ? We have 5 people together (with luggages).

If it is so, how would I start? i.e where to get the bus from the airport to shenzhen ? what kind of
bus ? where to purchase the tickets ? etc.

I hope you all can help.

Dear anna,
i’ve read your post and find it very useful!could you please tell me where does the Hong Kong Shenzhen West Corridor arrive?directly at SHENZHEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT??

please answer as soon as possible, it’s very important!

Dear Anna,

Would you please confirm and let me know how often a direct bus coming back from Hongkong International air port to shenzhen FUTIAN or wherever in shenzhen ?what is the last bus at night ?would you send me email with the bus schedule info to my mentioned email ?thanks.

Best regards,

Thanks for the info. Furthermore, may I know how many hours by bus will it take from Shenzhen to HK International Airport and how much is the fare?

i checked the website. i think they have changed their earliest bus from 7:15 to 6:15. so it is good for you. agree you should take this earliest bus.

Hi Anna
Thanks for all your help. I just got an email from Chinalink telling me that the first bus leaves for Shenzhen Airport from Kowloon at 6.15 a.m.
I think maybe this is the site:

From Kowloon – SZ

SZ Airport – Kowloon

Unfortunately I don’t read Chinese so I am not sure whether these links are correct???
With this new information I think I will take the bus instead of the train/taxi.
Do you agree that I will be at the airport in time (if I take the bus at 6.15 a.m. from Kowloon) to fly out of Shenzhen at 9 a.m?
Thanks again

hi anna, your very kind to offer such help to others.
I will share what i learned when I return. thanks again

andrew, i would reason that you cannot take 3 or 4 bags of luggage onto the bus; and if you can show that the stuff is gifts, you will not need to secure documents. but these are just my personal views. to be on the safe side, pls check with the concerned authorities.

i would suggest you take a taxi. it will cost you about 130 yuan, and take about 40 minutes. the k568 bus will take about an hour. so not advisable to take it since you are in a rush.

hi anna,

first, thanks for all the wonderful information on this site.

i going to shenzhen to buy a significant amount of electonic items as xmas giveaways for our club. i would like to take them back home with me by taking this bus directly to HK airport.

my questions is, #1 does the bus have a limit on number of luggages per passenger? #2 do i need to secure some documents for customs and duties of both china and HK prior to taking the bus?

I’m afraid of getting stuck will all the things I buy and not being able to take them out.

thanks and regards


Hi again Anna
Thank you so much for your reply. It would be great if I can make my flight without staying over in Shenzhen. As far as I can see the first train from central to Lo Wu leaves at 6.06 a.m. Do you know if that is also the case on Sundays? I cannot find any information about it on
If I leave central at 6.06 a.m. I will be at Lo Wu around 7 a.m. Then I will need to go through immigration. Do you know what time bus K568 starts running from Lo Wu?
If I take a taxi from Lo Wu how much time does it take to get to the airport and how much does it cost? Can I grab one just outside the passport control building?
I have to be at the airport at 8 a.m. – I really hope I can make it.
Thanks again for any advise you can give me.

Hey, thanks for your very useful site!
I see that you recommend staying over in Shenzhen if you come from HK and have an early flight out of Shenzhen Airport.
My flight takes off at 8.50 a.m. I have searched the Internet for an hour and as far as I can see, it is too early for both ferry and bus. Maybe I can take the train but I am not sure. Can you help me? I will be very gratefull.

Hi Cinfang, thanks firstly for the useful info.
I am a HK resident travelling on a non-Chinese passport HK – Shenzen airport – HK is a China visa required?

if i want to go from the hk airport to the shenzhen airport, it would take about 75 minutes altogether right? and about 100hk$? and the buses leave pretty frequently, right?

thanks for all the advice, this is a great website!

Hi there, me and some friends need to get to the Shenzen airport from Kowloon. Is there a stop for the bus on the Kowloon side? If so, where do we buy tickets and do we have to get them before our trip? Thanks…

Hey, I found quite some information here but I still have a problem regarding my trip FROM HK to Shenzhen:
My flight takes off at 7:55 a.m. at the Shenzhen Airport but it seems that there is no possibility to get in time to the Airport by public means, or is there one??
Thanks for any advise you can give me!

If you fly into shenzhen to go to hk, you can take the direct bus from shenzhen airport to hk. your luggage will stay in the bus when you go through the immigration procedure.

Hi Anna
Shall be flying into Shenzhen to go to HK.

Do we have to take our luggage off the direct bus to go through Immigrations? Also was told that we will be taking a different bus to go to Kowloon/HK. Can you please clarify?

Would it be better for us to take a taxi to the border – Lo Ma Chau? Lo Wu as there are 4 of us and then take the bus or MTR/train from there?

Dragging the luggage around is no way to start a holiday. Please help.

marie, this direct bus goes to shenzhen airport. if you want to go just from hong kong to shenzhen, just take the MTR train. Check out my latest postings about the info.

yes the concert is held in shenzhen.

sorry cannot give you an estimate of your possible expenditure in shenzhen – it all depends on your life style.

maybe i will do a posting on shenzhen accommodation soon.

Ah..and also…I can’t really read chinese but the concert will be held here —> 廣東深圳

that does mean shenzhen right? :p Thanks again!

Hi anna,

I’m planning a three day trip with two other friends of mine to Shenzhen for our first Jay Chou concert and we plan to use the direct bus service you mentione. (THANK YOU!!)

I was wondering if you could give me an extimate of how much I should be prepared to spend? Or any other tips of accomodations? I’d love for you to email me. Thank you so much!!!! You’re posts are just so helpful. :)


Hi Cinfang,

The bus has a space just for luggage. so big size lugguage is ok.

no need to buy return ticket. there will be seat, especially if your bus is not the last one of the day.

Hi Anna,

Thanks for the information you posted here, they’re very helpful. Particularly since i don’t speak chinese and can’t read the chinese character :) I have some questions about the direct bus.
Is it ok to take big size luggage on the bus? If I buy the return ticket, does it valid for one day or longer? (I’ll take about 2 weeks before going back to HK)
cheers :)

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