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Drinking trend

Hong kong people like following trends. A recent trend they have been in is Taiwanese drink. You won’t miss it. On the main streets in the busy area there must be a Taiwanese drink shop like this, and this is the most popular chain so far – Gong Cha, meaning tea for the royal court and the emperor.

There is a wide variety of drinks offered by these shops ,among which pearl milk tea or bubble tea, as some may call it, is the most well known.

My favorite is not pearl milk tea, but green milk tea and barley milk tea. Try them if you have a chance. But note that although these teas are tasty, they  are not healthy. The likes of pearl milk tea contain diary cream whose main ingredient is a type of trans fat. Don’t indulge them.

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this is actually the food craze in hk for the moment. you can find such a Taiwanese drink shop in every busy street corner.

This is gaining popularity in Bangkok as well. I really love the honey lemon green tea and there is one tea with a salty plum which sounds weird but actually it’s pretty good.

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