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Easy and beautiful walking trail in Sai Kung

The route is in Saigon, from Hoi Ha Village to Wan Tzai. The first part will be treading a path around the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, which is protected and does not allow any fishing or interference of human activity. The water of the sea is therefore as calm and clear as a mirror. The Marine Park is simply serene.

The second part involves Wan Tsai, which is a small peninsula. Originally a burrow area, it was converted to become part of the Sai Kung West Country Park in 1996.

Wan Tsai s renowned for its picturesque natural setting and sweeping vistas of some coastal gems like Tap Mun. With nature trails and large camping facilities in the area, Wan Tsai is very popular with youth organizations arranging camping activities for the kids and the young.

The most pleasant walk, speaking from my personal experience, also lies in this part, Wan Tsai – with wide paths lined with tall green tress, dotted with yellow flowers – just like a shady boulevard.

How to get there:

Take minibus No 7 from Sai Kung, all the way to the last stop. The bus ride is about 30 minutes. Every 20 minutes there is a bus.

Where you get off the bus, is the entrance to Hoi Ha village. You will see a map on display showing the hiking routes in the area.

At the first crossroad after entering the village, turn right to a string of restaurants. Carry on and you will be on the way to see Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park at your left.

After half an hour walk, you will come to the intersection between Hoi Ha Wan and Wan Tsai. Just carry on, and soon a camping site appears at your left.

If you just go straight, you will find yourself see more camping sites unfolding, and then after some walk, you find youself having made a small circle and back to where the first camping site is. Then follow the original route back to Hoi Ha village, and take the bus back to Sai Kung.

If you don’t want to go the original path back, you can take ferry from a pier in Wan Tsai (which is inside one of the camping sites) to the Yellow Stone Pier, from where you can take bus to Diamond Hill MTR station.

Duration of the walk (from Hoi Ha village to Wan Tsai, and then back to Hoi Ha Village): 2-2.5 hours

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