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Eat sea food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Sai Kung is famous for seafood.

If you want to go to a quieter place and a nicer environment for seafood as well as for a bit of sightseeing, you can think about going to Po Doi O near Sai Kong. The place is a bit remote though. You can go to Po Lam MTR Station on the Tseung Kuen O line. Take exit A2 for the bus terminal and take mini bus No 16. The destination of the bus is Po Doi O. The journey is about 15 minutes. If you take a taxi from Po Lam station, that will cost you about HK$60.

Huddled in a bay, Po Doi O is actually a small fishing village. It is so small that you can tour the whole village probably in 10 minutes.

There are two seafood restaurants – Fat Kei and Seafood Island. I’ve tried Seafood Island. The food is just so so but you get to sit at the pier to eat. That is something special. I heard the food at Fat Kei – the first restaurant you will encounter when you go into the village – is better.

The scenery around Po Doi O is beautiful, so it is a worthwhile trip, even though the seafood there may be not that gorgeous.

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