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Eating dumplings in Hong Kong

If you want to eat nice Beijing style dumplings, I recommend “Peking Shui Jiao Wang” (北京水餃皇) in Wanchai. It is at No. 118, Jeffe Road, Wanchai. MTR exit: Wanchai, Exit C. 

The price here, I must admit, is high compared with other dumpling restaurants. For a bowl of meat and vegetable dumplings, it costs at least HK$30 (about US$4). In other dumpling restaurants, it may be just HK$20 (about US$2.5).

But the high price means better quality.

I ordered a bowl of sour and spicy dumplings noodle (酸辣水餃麵). It tasted good. The sour and spicy soup base was not too spicy. The dumplings tasted fresh and the wrapping soft. It costed HK$38 (about US$5).

I also ordered a glass of soy bean drink. The drink came in a big glass and was only slightly sweatened – the least sweatened soy bean drink I have ever tried. Here in Hong Kong, restaurants sell heavily sweatened soy bean drink. 

“Peking Shui Jiao Wang” seems to have been recommended in some travel guide books. I saw two tables of foreigners there – there are probably ten tables in the whole restaurant. The menu is all in both English and Chinese. The staff was eloquent in recommending dishes to a table of foreigners. No doubt, this restaurant is often frequented by foreigners.

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