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English Bible only

A bizarre policy surfaces these days: During the Beijing Olympics month, Bible’s English version is allowed in the Beijing hotels that are open to foreigners.

So if it is outside the Olympics period (August 2008), not any form of bible can be allowed in the hotel room; and even during this period, only bible in English (not Chinese) is allowed.

What it actually says is that, only the foreigners who come to watch the Olympics have the need for Bible. Not foreigners at any other time and definitely not Chinese.

By Anna

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Dear Anna,
I am a student from Traverse City West Middle School in Traverse City, Michigan. I have a group of students (icluding me) that are creating a webpage for a contest. I am really interested in your photography, but the select picture that I would like to post on my website is the picture of the bible. I need your permission to post it, so please reply to the email address above soon.

Thank you for your time,
An interested student

Why they put only B, why not other.??
Hotels must be free from B and other books.
Let the China free from Problems.
Let the Hotels free too……….

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