Hong Kong As It Is


photo:Ming Pao

This is what fear means. Putting up barrier walls, much higher than an average person’s height, stretching for 150 meters long along the road near the hotel in Wanchai where China President Hu Jintao is staying. Not to mention many other metal barricades and heavy police presence in the area to stop people from approaching Hu for petition and protest.

Hu Jintao is in town to swear in the new chief executive of HK and his team and to witness the 15th anniversary of HK’s return to China. Yet the governance of HK for the last 15 years has been so bad, and the chief executive elect CY Leung, elected by a small circle of people in a game controlled by the Liaison Office of Central Government in HK, has been so unpopular, the discontent of Hong Kongers is boiling. The authority knows and it has immense fears.

The heavy security presence on the 15th anniversary is a mock to the rule of HK under one country two systems. I hope Chinese government and the officials of the Liaison Office understand that more you want to control, more rebellious the people are. People are not for the government to control, but serve.

By Anna

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