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Find serviced apartments in Hong Kong for long and short stay?

A good place to start is the listing in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post.

The listing allows you to search by area. Most of the apartments require one month as minimum length of stay, but some allow you to stay on a daily basis.

Check out here.

By Anna

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4 replies on “Find serviced apartments in Hong Kong for long and short stay?”

Potentially every city in the world can be called a sin city as you must have heard about the horrendous drug wars in Mexico where innocents are killed daily, the moral decline and financial crises in the US as well as in the news that a cruise ship tipped over near Italian coast with the captain denying his act of abandoning the passengers causing 21 people missing or dead…its a global cry about a dying world, but hope is in God if you have faith in Him. Please keep writing and I am sure you will find beauty around you including HK despite all the bad and ugly things…

I love to travel too and make it a priority in my life to keep travelling as long as I can afford the cost…;-)

Thanks Vickie for the message! this blog is a strange thing for me. While I want travellers to see something different about HK, I am losing hope about this city…

Thanks Anna for your blog…i came across your article when I started looking for decent serviced apt in HK as we plan to visit Hk again at end of 2013!! I know it’s way too early to look but it gave me much pleasure to shop like this online for trips…;-) Just want to say how I appreciate your writings and lamented at the article titled: is this city dying? Can only keep praying for change of hearts of us humans…nouveau riche is dangerous…

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