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Fire Dragon Dance

If you are in Hong Kong on 2-4 October when the city is celebrating mid-autumn festival, you may want to go see a century old festival event – the Fire Dragon Dance – in Tai Hang, Causeway Bay.

The Fire Dragon Dance draws a large crowd each year. So do expect that it will be packed.

According to the legend, Tai Hang, once a village, was struck by a plague. The plague disappeared after a fire dragon dance was performed. Since then, Fire Dragon Dance has become a tradition, not only in Tai Hang, but also of Hong Kong.

The “Dragon” will be covered by burning incense, making it like a fire dragon, thereby the name Fire Dragon Dance.

Here’s the detail:

Date: 2-4 October 2009

Time: 8:15pm

Place: Tai Hang, Causeway Bay

Direction: Tin Hau MTR Exit A1

Here’s the map showing how to get there.

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Can luminous dragon team attend this celebration? I got a dragon from a famous Chinese online workshop named two years ago, and we would love to attend.

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