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Fly a kite, and see the sunset

Ever thought of doing something special in Hong Kong? How about kite flying in its countryside?

In Hong Kong, there is a place most famous for kite flying: Tai Au Mun (大坳門), or Clear Water Bay Country Park.

How to get there:

Take minibus 103M at the bus terminal of Tseung Kwun O MTR station, or minibus No. 16 at the bus terminal of Po Lin MTR station. Ask the driver to drop you off at the roundabout leading up to Clear Water Bay Country Park entrance. Or just tell the driver you want to go to Tai Au Mun, and he will know where to drop you off.

Once you get off the mini bus, you will walk for about 10 minutes before you arrive at the Country Park. There, you will find a shop that sells kites (HK$70 for a big kite made of cloth) and a signpost pointing to the kite-flying venue.

This is the venue for kite flying:

It is half surrounded by sea.

Clear Water Bay Country Park is also good for BBQ. So expect to find yourself walking past BBQ people and stoves before arriving at the site for kite flying.

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