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For chocolate cake and ice cream lovers

IMG_3641If you a fan of chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream, and you happen to visit Hong Kong, try this shop called Awfully Chocolate. It has two shops in Hong Kong:

1) Shop 15 G/F 2-4 Hysan Ave (the shop’s entrance is at Sun Wui Rd), Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

2) Shop B & C, G/F, 39 – 41, Caine Road, Hong Kong

It sells only three types of chocolate cake (Chocolate Banana, All Chocolate and Rum & Cherry Chocolate), as well as chocolate ice cream.

They sell a whole cake only, not a piece. A whole cake costs about HK$200. If you are a real lover of chocolate, the chocolate banana cake may not be for you. It is a bit light in chocolate. Go for the All Chocolate Cake.

The chocolate ice cream of the shop has won the heart of many of the young in this city. When I was in the shop, at least six youths were licking on the ice cream, and a mum was bringing a kid into the shop.

Awfully Chocolate has shops also in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Taipei and Jakarta.

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