For Hong Kong walkers

If you are planning to do hiking in HK, here’s a site for your reference. It is run by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, with a very comprehensive listing of all the hiking trails across the territory, long and short, for leisure and for challenge.

Each trail is given a route map and transport details with some introduction about the trail’s characteristics. You can search the hiking trails by region, by type and by degree of difficulty.

It’s the most comprehensive hk hiking site I’ve ever seen. So don’t miss it.

By Anna

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Hi Anna,
I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a long long time now. I initially stumbled upon it whilst searching for China related travel stuff but got hooked on your quirky tips and fantastic opinions on China, travel,etc. I even used the travelzen website you recommended for my upcoming China trip.

I own a blog myself and am starting an interesting blogger series whereby i give 10 set questions to bloggers which i read regularly and was wondering whether you’d be interested in being in it? Do let me know, thanks!:)

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