Forest walk

Date: 17 December, 2011;Sunny
Route: Brown Walk, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve

This place is a pleasant surprise for me. It is the best place in Hong Kong to observe bird populations of forests, and it is the first secondary forest in Hong Kong, I later learnt.

No wonder this scene is commonplace in the Reserve. So many people have come here for bird watching, including a few Japanese visitors, and for photography.

Hong Kong Government started the reforestation work in Tai Po Kau in 1926. Initially the species Chinese Red Pine was most common. Local villagers therefore named the place pine garden, or Tsung Tsai Yuen (松仔園)in Chinese. The place was declared a Nature Reserve in 1977 and the plant species has grown to over 100 now.

The place is so lush and peaceful, will vibrant biodiversity. I totally enjoyed the walk.Four walking trails of varying lengths have been designed for walkers – Yellow Walk-10km; Brown Walk-7.5km; Blue Walk-4km; Red Walk – 3km. I chose the Brown Walk, which according to the signs, can be completed in two and a half hours. But I could only finish it in three and a half hours. With trees providing shade all along, the trails here are no doubt ideal for summer walk.

the red in the forest
bamboo trees
a tree grows on the rock
a monkey resting on the bench

How to get to starting point
Take the minibus No.28k in Tai Po MTR Station, get off at Tsung Tsai Yuen (松仔園). Buses No. 72,72 A, 73A, 74A also pass by Tsung Tsai Yuen.

Tell the minibus driver that you get off at Tsung Tsai Yuen. The fare would be HK$5. Otherwise, you will be charged the full fare of the minibus.

the bus stop at Tsung Tsai Yuen

You will be dropped off at this bus station at Tsung Tsai Yuen on Tai Po Road. Walk a few steps towards the taipo direction, and you will see the entrance to and sign saying “ Tai PO Kau Nature Reserve”.

It is a 15-minute walk from the entrance to the starting point where a map and routes of the different walks are posted.

How to return to Taipo
Take the bus or minibus on Tai Po Road, in the direction of Tai Po.

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